Words of Wisdom

  1. Not trying is far more serious than trying and making mistakes.
  2. Pride grows out of a sense of previous accomplishment.
  3. A lapse in a skill is OK, but a lapse in hustle or concentration is unforgivable.
  4. The more you expect to win -- the harder you'll work to avoid losing.
  5. Where there is no vision, people perish.
  6. Idealism starts when you start thinking it doesn't involve hard work.
  7. We are not here to see through each other -- but to see each other through.
  8. A slow nickel is better than a fast dime.
  9. Take the concept of teamwork to a higher level.
  10. Failure is not a sign of personal weakness.
  11. Play your role on the team -- don't split the team up as individuals.
  12. You are not through with a dream until you stop dreaming it.
  13. You don't quit until your mind tells you to quit.
  14. Persistent -- Consistent -- Positive -- Action.
  15. A winner makes commitments -- A loser makes promises.
    A winner listens -- A loser waits for his/her turn to talk.
    A winner makes a mistake and says "I was wrong" -- A loser says "It wasn't my fault."
  16. Any dream can end -- but there is no end to dreaming.
  17. I want to impress me.
  18. You must hate defeat enough to win.
  19. If a player can't inspire others -- it's probably because s/he can't inspire her/himself.
  20. Winning the league championship is a special event -- so it takes a special effort.
  21. The two most important team components are making yourself teachable and coachable.
  22. With all your success and failure -- the person inside yourself is the only true benchmark.
  23. A goal is a dream with a deadline.
  24. You may beat us -- but you won't enjoy it.
  25. As a team goes -- so goes the individual.
  26. Learning is a lifelong event.
  27. Why not give in to positive peer pressure?
  28. You can con the coach, you can con your parents, you can con your friends -- but you can't con the person in the mirror.
  29. Coaching involves trying to build a value system that your players can carry with them for life.
  30. Honesty is the only way -- if you tell the truth, you never have to remember.
  31. The highest reward for a player's effort is not what s/he gets for it -- but what s/he becomes of it.
  32. Victory comes in a moment -- excellence comes over time -- prepare every day.
  33. It's the quality of the commitment that separates good from great.
  34. People who believe in failure are almost guaranteed a mediocre existence.
  35. The best way to get ahead is to use the one you're got.
  36. Listen -- you can hear better that way.
  37. Victory begins in the heart.
  38. Sports not only builds character -- it reveals it.
  39. Winners are never content with yesterday's victories.
  40. The only way to win is to work at it.
  41. Winning isn't everying -- but wanting to is.
  42. If you do what you've always done -- you'll get what you've always gotten.
  43. Don't bet on the odds -- bet on yourself.
  44. Ordinary people do extraordinary things when pushed.
  45. Egos are a funny thing -- you need one to play this game -- but you need to control it to be a part of this team.
  46. Playing on a team is something you earn.
  47. Some teams have a dream -- but we have a mission.
  48. If you think education is expensive -- what is the cost of ignorance?
  49. Peers - Persons Encouraging Error Rudeness and Stupidity.
  50. Not every great competitor is -- or can be -- a champion.

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