Key Teaching Points

  1. Inline hockey is a game of patience and having confidence with the puck.
  2. You can hold on to the puck a lot longer and move it around more.
  3. Inline hockey is a game of control.
  4. Key skill to learn -- stopping.
  5. Big key word is control.
  6. Ice hockey is a dump and chase game, but because there are no off-sides or icing in inline hockey, you don't have to dump.
  7. Good quick passes and set up for one-timers. One timers are the key!
  8. Compare offense to basketball. You want to bring the puck down, throw it around and set up for that one good shot.
  9. There is a lot more thinking involved -- set plays and picks.
  10. Different for goaltenders. You can't challenge the shooter because there is a lot of dishing off. You have to stay back in the net. Moving from side to side and shuffling is a lot more difficult than on the ice.

Hockey that's fresh ... not frozen!

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