Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In-Line Skate Lessons

A: CIRSA can help you to find a registered skating school in your area.

Q: Joining a Hockey League

A: Yes. CIRSA can put you in touch with the roller hockey league nearest you.

Q: Starting a Hockey League

A: CIRSA can provide information on rules, referees, facilities, scheduling, equipment -- everything you need to know about starting a league of your own.

Q: In-Line Hockey Referees

A: Yes, we can help you find referees for your league and, yes, we can provide access to certified training.

Q: Purchasing Skates

A: First, you must determine the type of use these skates will have. Secondly, determine how often they will be used. Thirdly, consider the price range you wish to pay. Choose a brand name reliable product. Here is some information about different types of skates that might help you.

Q: Speed Skating

A: Let us refer you to the local contact person in your area.

Q: Events

A: Yes, CIRSA has information on events taking place throughout Canada and North America. Please refer to our events page for a list of events that are happening this season.

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