Overview of the Canadian In-Line
& Roller Skating Association

What Is CIRSA?

The Canadian In-Line & Roller Skating Association (CIRSA) is the national governing body for in-line sports in Canada. CIRSA is the only official In-line Skating and In-Line Roller Hockey organization in Canada.

CIRSA was created to service the growing demands for a national sanctioning body in Canada. With the endorsement and assistance of founding partners, the Canadian Hockey Association (the sport governing body for ice hockey) and the Canadian Amateur Speed Skating Assocation (the ice speed skating sport governing body), CIRSA has:

Here is an interview with CIRSA's acting managing director, Sandy Nimmo, which provides more detailed information about the formation of CIRSA and about some of its policies and programmes.

Need to Contact CIRSA?

If you have any questions, please call or FAX us anytime, or leave us an e-mail message at cirsa@ican.net. Unfortunately the amount of e-mail that we receive is quite large; so we may not be able to provide an immediate reply through e-mail. For the quickest response, please FAX or phone us.

679 Queens Quay West, Unit 117
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V 3A9

1-800-958-0000 (outside area codes 416, 905) - Canada Only
416-260-5959 (inside area codes 416, 905) and from outside Canada
416-260-0798 (FAX)

Please call any time. Please leave a message.

Need More Information?

For additional information about CIRSA, please follow the links below:

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