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Recognizing the growing demand for an in-line amateur sports organisation, the Canadian In-Line and Roller Skating Association (CIRSA) allied itself with both the Canadian Amateur Speed Skating Association and the Canadian Hockey Association going public on May 6, 1994. A non-profit amateur sports and recreation organisation and a registered charity, CIRSA works to expand the visibility and safety of in-line sport which also benefits the community and the in-line participant.

As an organizing body, CIRSA composes usual events such as the MacKenzie challenge, a recreational and elite speed skating event whose proceeds benefit children's charity and the Ronald MacDonald House In-line skating Extravaganza in Hamilton. In the Roller Hockey scene, CIRSA organizes the Ontario Regional Roller Hockey Early Bird tournament and the Provincial Roller Hockey Championships.

CIRSA works for the sport in many capacities, whether it be advising municipalities on the creation of their in-line skating bylaws, or maintaining a mailing list and 1-800 hotline that helps to keep members informed of recreational happenings.

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