CIRSA's Membership

CIRSA Membership entitles you to some really great stuff, including the following:

Insurance Coverage

CIRSA's Group Accident and Medical Insurance provides 24 hour protection for the Association and its Member Leagues, Clubs, Board Members, Coaches, Managers, Officials, Volunteers and individual insureds while participating in sanctioned activities of CIRSA and while traveling directly to and from such activities.

Hotline and Mailing List

The CIRSA membership ensures you a membership card, a space on the event update mailing list, and access to information about a myriad of in-line happenings.

CIRSA membership allows you a Preferred Participation Rate on upcoming events and access to their toll free information hotline, which answers just about any in-line related questions that you may have.

Freewheel'n Magazine

Members of CIRSA are encouraged to subscribe to Freewheel'n, Canada's premiere full colour in-line skating magazine. Freewheel'n recognizes athletes within our own borders and abroad, presenting the people and events that shape our sport today.

To become a CIRSA member, please fill out and mail an appliction form to CIRSA.

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