Varsity Services For Parents And Players


Revised November 5, 1997

(Please note, the following description was revised from previous descriptions after understanding that American colleges could not participate because of NCAA recruiting restrictions.)

During the 97/98 season a Parents & Players Information Sessions will be arranged at the Mississauga and Brampton Tournaments. These sessions will showcase all schools interested in sending handouts describing their Ice Hockey program and their Academic offerings.

With the cooperation of Tournament organizers and the attending Intermediate and Midget teams, it is intended to schedule specific groups to attend a private parent/player information session. At each session, Varsity Scouting and Representatives of Quebec and Ontario schools will partake in a short general discussion of Academics and Athletics at American and Canadian Schools and answer any specific questions posed by parents/players.

It was originally intended to have an American representative present the U.S. college picture but NCAA regulations prohibit such participations, consequently Varsity Scouting will present the U.S. view - hopefully, correctly.

In order to offer various Canadian schools exposure to prospective players and for the players to see the various Coaches, different Coaches will be invited to participate at various Tournaments. At this time there are six Ontario CIAU programs and three Quebec programs and each University will be invited to participate and present their view of the general picture for their league.

Each participant is being asked to schedule 7-10 minutes for their presentation, hopefully this time allowance will prove sufficient and will result in the total session taking 45-50 minutes.

Also, it is expected that there will be information table/tables displaying:

The general public will have access to the Varsity display and literature during the complete Tournament, but only invited team members and team parents will attend the Information Sessions.

Varsity Services For Schools

The Varsity Program will assist College/University Women's Hockey teams in their recruiting process. It may be found that Varsity's information is most useful to programs working with limited budgets, hopefully, it will prove useful to all programs. Assistance will be provided in the form of:

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