Women's Hockey Cards

1998 Phone Card

A phone card was issued for Nancy Drolet in October 1997. There were 1500 copies printed. The value is listed as $ 2,50 and the price as $ 6,50.

1997 Esso Pre-Olympic Hockey Heroes Cards

Esso has released a 60-card Olympic Hockey Heroes card set that contains a 6-card Women's Team Canada sub-set. The sub-set includes a checklist, Nancy Drolet, Geraldine Heaney, Hayley Wickenheiser, Cassie Campbell, and Stacy Wilson. Here are links to images of the women's hockey cards in the Olympic Hockey Heroes set:

55 Women's Team Canada checklist
56 Nancy Drolet
57 Geraldine Heaney
58 Hayley Wickenheiser
59 Cassie Campbell
60 Stacy Wilson

1997 Upper Deck Women's Hockey Cards

Upper Deck released a set of 20 women's hockey cards after the 1997 Women's World Hockey Championship. The 20 players in this set all played on the Canadian Women's National team. Unfortunately Team USA was not included in the set. These cards are part of the National Heroes subset found in the 1997-98 Upper Deck NHL Collector's Choice Series.

Here is the checklist for the National Heros subset:

      276 Angela James          286 Therese Brisson
      277 Nancy Drolet          287 Stacy Wilson
      278 Lesley Reddon         288 Danielle Dube
      279 Hayley Wickenheiser   289 Jayna Hefford
      280 Vicky Sunohara        290 Luce Letendre
      281 Cassie Campbell       291 Lori Dupuis
      282 Geraldine Heaney      292 Rebecca Fahey
      283 Judy Diduck           293 Fiona Smith
      284 France St. Louis      294 Laura Schuler
      285 Danielle Goyette      295 Karen Nystrom

View 1997 Upper Deck Cards...

Here are links to a slightly different scanned version of these hockey cards.

1994 Classic Women's Hockey Cards

The women's hockey "insert" cards can be found in packs of 1994 Classic Hockey DraftPicks. One women's card is inserted in each pack of these cards. There are 40 women's cards in the set, consisting of the women from Team Canada and Team USA who played in the 1994 Women's World Hockey Championships. Here are the numbers and players on the 40 women's cards in the set:

      W1  Manon Rheaume         W21 Women's Checklist
      W2  France St.Louis       W22 Kelly Dyer
      W3  Cheryl Pounder        W23 Vicki Movsessian
      W4  Therese Brisson       W24 Lisa Brown
      W5  Cassie Campbell       W25 Shawna Davidson
      W6  Angela James          W26 Colleen Coyne
      W7  Danielle Goyette      W27 Karyn Bye
      W8  Jane Robinson         W28 Suzanne Merz
      W9  Stacy Wilson          W29 Gretchen Ulion
      W10 Margot Page           W30 Sandra Whyte
      W11 Laura Leslie          W31 Cindy Curley
      W12 Judy Diduck           W32 Michelle DiFronzo
      W13 Hayley Wickenheiser   W33 Stephanie Boyd
      W14 Nathalie Picard       W34 Shelley Looney
      W15 Lesley Reddon         W35 Jeanine Sobek
      W16 Marianne Grnak        W36 Beth Beagan
      W17 Andria Hunter         W37 Cammi Granato
      W18 Nancy Drolet          W38 Christina Bailey
      W19 Geraldine Heaney      W39 Kelly O'Leary
      W20 Karen Nystrom         W40 Erin Whitten

Cards W1-W20 are Team Canada players, and cards W22-W40 are Team USA players.

Here is the price list for the women's hockey cards.

Here is a link to Alan Chim's women's 1994 Classic Card Set. This link includes photos of the cards for Ulion, Whyte, Granato, Rheaume, Wickenheiser, and Campbell.

Some information from card collector Liam Coughlan:
Since these cards are a "one per pack" insert for a relatively low volume set, and since these are the only cards ever made for 36 of the players, the demand far exceeds the supply. Specifically, according to Classic, there was a production of 6,000 U.S. and 2,000 CDN cases, each of which had 10 boxes per case, and if we assume there were 36 packs per box, and with one Women in Hockey card inserted per pack, that means there are only 54,000 possible sets in existance in the U.S., and only 18,000 possible sets in existance in Canada. Given the difficulty in compiling a set, I would suggest that there are only 10,000 or so complete sets in existance. In contrast, Upper Deck prints in the neighbourhood of one to two million of each of their hockey cards, so the Classic cards will be much more rare and scarce, and should continue to command a premium long after the mass produced cards from Upper Deck are available. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that Upper Deck will be featuring female hockey players for the first time [in their 1997-98 set], but lower production runs are one of the largest determiners of value in hockey cards. For example, Eric Lindros' Score Rookie Card is worth $15, but his 7th Inning Sketch Memorial Cup card is worth $40!

In addition to female hockey, I have been very involved in sportscards for 8 years, and based on my experience, after the 1998 Olypics, you will not be able to buy a set of these cards for less than $50. Currently, only Manon Rheaume, is very expensive, but watch the other cards to take off too!

View 1994 Classic Cards...

Other Women's Cards...

Cammi Granato

Manon Rheaume

Erin Whitten

Manon Rheaume Cards

Here are some current price guide prices in U.S. $ from the most reputable annual price guide company for Manon Rheuame cards (as of 1997):

  1992/93 Classic Draft Picks              #59     $6.00 U.S. (considered her RC)
  1992/93 Classic Prsidential              #1     $10.00 U.S.
  1992/93 Classic Promo                    #NNO   $10.00 U.S.
  1993/94 Classic Draft                    #MR1   $25.00 U.S.
  1993/94 Classic Draft                    #AU11 $125.00 U.S.
  1993/94 Classic Draft Crash              #N8    $35.00 U.S.
  1993/94 Classic Pro Prospects Prototypes #PR2    $6.00 U.S.
  1993/94 Classic Pro Prospects            #AU2   $75.00 U.S.
  1993/94 Classic Pro Prospects BC's       #BC10  $10.00 U.S.
  1993/94 Classic Pro Prospects LP's       #LP1   $20.00 U.S.
  1994/95 Classic Draft Previews           #HK4   $15.00 U.S.
  1994/95 Classic Draft                    #AU3  $100.00 U.S.
  1994/95 Classic Draft Autographs         #NNO  $100.00 U.S.
  1994/95 Classic Picks                    #CP15  $15.00 U.S.
  1994/95 Classic Pro Prospects            #AU7  $125.00 U.S.
  1995/96 Classic Autographs               #NNO   $60.00 U.S.

And here is a list of other cards featuring Manon...

   1996 RHI Inagural. Ottawa Loggers Team Issue card #7
   1996 Classic Visions Signing #78
   Krown International Promo card series:
   Super Star Heroes Promo: Rheaume in a Atlanta Knights Jersey
   Pocket Pages 1993: #45, & #53,
   1995 Classic Assets Gold Printers Proof #9
   Cartwright #2 Blue foil,
   1993 Collectors Cronicle #18 Gold and #18 Silver
   1993 Sports Report Gold #32 and Silver #32
   Sport Ars Images Comic 1994
   Sport Edition 1994 Silver Border Promo
   1995 Classic Assets Gold Die Cut #GDC13
   1993-94 Atlanta Knights Team issue card
   1993 Draveurs, Trois-Rivieres, L.H.J.M.Q.

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