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Photo: University of New Hampshire, 1990 ECAC Champions

  Photo Notes:
    (1) The former or current members of Team USA who are present in
        the above picture are: Shawna Davidson, Karyn Bye, Heidi Chalupnik,
        Ellen Weinberg, Colleen Coyne, and Erin Whitten.  Coach Russ
        McCurdy coached Team USA at the World Championships in 1992.
    (2) That's me with the "C", holding the plate -- sorry for biasing
        the pictures towards teams for which I have played! ;-)

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Winter World University Games

Starting in 2011, university teams have been competing at the Women's World Univesity Games (WWUG). This Championship takes place every second year.

US College Hockey

Here is a list of all women's college hockey teams in the USA, and past championship winners.

There is currently a Division I ECAC league, a western and eastern ECAC Alliance league, and a Midwestern Collegiate Women's Hockey Alliance (MCWHA) league. There is the newly formed Central Collegiate Women's Hockey Association (CCWHA), which is made up of club teams from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin. There is also the ACHA for club hockey teams. Please see Mitzi Witchger's information for a list of which colleges will have women's varsity hockey teams from 1997 to 2001.

If you need to contact a coach for a US college hockey team, here is the directory for the US college teams. This directory contains mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addreses.

You can order a College Hockey media guide from Amazon or an ECAC Ice Hockey media guide from the ECAC HockeyNet web page!

College Hockey Info for this Season:





Here is some information on women's hockey scholarships in the United States. In general, I'd suggest contacting the coaches of the universities that you are interested in attending to find out about the academic programs that are offered and scholarship availability. You may also find Alan Chim's guide to choosing a college to be very helpful.

The Varsity Scouting Program is a non-profit scouting service for Bantam and Midget age female hockey players. The purpose is to identify those female players on a team that are both strong students and good hockey players.

The University Prospects and Varsity Link web pages may be helpful if you're considering applying to a university. Here is a link to the Premiere Hockey Services placement service designed to give women exposure for US NCAA College Hockey.

College Hockey Mailing List (hockey-l):

The hockey-l college hockey mailing list is a useful source of women's college hockey information. Details about how to join this list are provided in my Women's Hockey Information web page. I'd like to give a special thanks to Richard Hungerford for providing this information and for doing so much for women's hockey.

U.S. College NCAA teams:

U.S. College ACHA Div 1 teams:

U.S. College ACHA Div 2 teams:

US College women's hockey web pages:

Result from Previous Seasons

1998-99 Results:

1997-98 Results:

Two different ECAC All-star teams competed in exhibition games against Team USA on October 18th and on October 21st, 1997. The following link with additional information about the Team USA vs ECAC All-Stars was provided by the US College Hockey Online Press Release.

1996-97 Results:

At the end of the 1996-97 season, it was announced that there would be a U.S. national women's college hockey championship starting in the 1997-98 season.

1995-96 Results:

With 22 institutions offering women's hockey, it is considered an emerging sport in NCAA. Of 22 schools, 10 were Division I, one Division II and 11 Division III. To go from an emerging sport to an NCAA national championship, 40 or more institutions must sponsor the sport for two consecutive academic years.

1994-95 Results:

1993-94 Results:

1992-93 Results:


Canadian University Hockey

Here is information about women's university hockey teams in Canada. If anyone has more information about which universities in Canada have women's hockey teams, please send me e-mail. Women's hockey is now a CIS sport with a National Championship!

If you need to contact a coach of one of the teams, here is the Canadian University hockey directory. It contains phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail contact information for universities and colleges in Canada. Here is some information on eligibility for Canadian women's university hockey.

The hockey goals web page may be handy if you are considering applying to a university. You may also find Alan Chim's guide to choosing a university/college to be helpful. Check out the Varsity Scouting Program, a non-profit scouting service for Bantam and Midget age female hockey players. The purpose of this program is to identify those female players that are both strong students and good hockey players.

CIS Championships & Results

98-99 Canadian University Rosters:

97-98 Canadian University Rosters:

96-97 Canadian University Rosters:

95-96 Canadian University Rosters:

Canadian University U Sports Teams:


OUA West

OUA East



Canadian University Hockey Pages:

University Hockey in Other Countries

Girls' High School and Junior College Hockey

United States

Junior College Hockey

High School Hockey

Here is some information about girls' high school hockey in the USA, including a list of the teams in the New England Prep School (NEPSAC) league.


High School Hockey

Here is some information about girls' high school hockey leagues in Canada. The list of teams is not complete, so if you know of any other high school girls' hockey teams in Canada that should be added, please let me know.

Some Other US College Hockey Sites:

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