Varsity Scouting Program - Overview

This page gives an overview of the Varsity Scouting Program as of September 1997. As the program is very new, our plans are subject to change.

General Information

The Varsity Scouting Program is a non-profit information, promotion, and scouting service for high school age female ice hockey players in Ontario, Canada.

The program's objectives are to:

Need for the Varsity Program

Because of the tremendous increase in female players in the past five years and the relatively unchanged playing opportunities in College & University Women's programs it is believed that in a very short period of time, many capable and deserving student-athletes may be denied the opportunity to play Varsity level hockey while attending College/University.

In relation to the foregoing, it is believed that there is a need to educate and assist female hockey players interested in pursuing post-secondary education as a collegiate level athlete.

Organization of the Program

The Varsity Program is staffed by volunteers and will be organized and managed by an individual known as the Managing Director. The bulk of the work for this program will be undertaken by the Managing Director and a group of people known as Staff Directors.

The organizational structure recognizes four levels of participation:

Advisory Directors, will be individuals who have gained a very outstanding reputation for contributions to Women's Hockey, who have contributed to Elite level programs at the University and/or Club level and who have the highest level of personal reputation.

The Managing Director will be responsible for the organizing and managing of the Varsity Scouting Program. This position also requires the Managing Director to communicate all program activities to the Advisory Directors and gain their input and approval of ongoing program activities.

Staff Directors will be persons of proven abilities in contributing to Girls Hockey Programs. Ideally, Directors will be selected from as many Associations as possible, but at this time there is a weighting of Mississauga and Brampton participants in the Program. Staff Directors will be responsible for activities associated with their areas of experience and expertise.

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