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A Guide To Collegiate Women's Hockey Programs

Hopefully, by Christmas/97, a document will be available entitled "A Guide To Collegiate Level Women's Hockey Programs At American & Canadian Schools". The foregoing document will address topics such as:

The Varsity Skills Evaluation Program

A document entitled "Coach's Evaluation Manual" has been prepared and will be distributed to Bantam & Midget Coaches affiliated with O.W.H.A. (Ontario Womens Hockey Association) teams. Copies will be mailed in mid-September plus a requested copy will be sent to a Rep of High School Programs in New Brunswick.

The Varsity Coach's Evaluation Manual manual provides Bantam and Midget Coaches with material to:

The Coach's appraisals will be supplemented by Varsity Staff Scouts. It is intended that each "Coach-Identified" player will be scouted by Varsity staff at least two times in the year and during this process Varsity scouts may uncover other "deserving" players not identified by the Coach-Input system.

Varsity Scouting will provide information on registered players to Colleges/Universities requesting same.

Varsity Services For Schools

The Varsity Program will assist College/University Women's Hockey teams in their recruiting process. It may be found that Varsity's information is most useful to programs working with limited budgets, hopefully, it will prove useful to all programs. Assistance will be provided in the form of:

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