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Team Sweden vs
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Information Available on the Net

(1) women-in-hockey mailing list

The women-in-hockey mailing list on the server was created to allow people to discuss anything having to do with women playing ice, street, or roller hockey, or who are somehow involved in these sports. People interested in getting involved with these sports and/or playing are also welcome. This list is not limited to women only, but to anyone interested in women's hockey. This is a regular e-mailing list where anyone who is subscribed to this list will receive all e-mail messages sent by other people subscribed to the list. This mailing list is generally quite busy, especially during the hockey season, and is generally considered THE mailing list for women's hockey. I'd highly suggest subscribing.

One question that you will be asked when you subscribe to the list, using the link above, is "Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest?" I would suggest selecting "Yes." Let me explain what this means. If you select "No" you will receive each message in a separate e-mail message, but if you select "Yes" to sign up for the digest version you will receive one message each day that contains all messages sent that day. Since there may be 15 to 20 messages sent each day, I highly recommend the digest form of the mailing list, as it makes the amount of e-mail received from the list quite manageable.

After you have subscribed, check your e-mail, and you will find a message that you will need to reply to, in order to activate your subscription. Once you are on the list, you can use the address to send messages to the other people on the list. You must be on the list to send messages.

Here are links to articles that were sent to the women-in-hockey list.

(2) Hockey Usenet Newsgroups

The newsgroup contains some articles on women's hockey. Here is a link to the women's hockey FAQ. All information in the women's hockey FAQ is also contained in the newsgroup FAQ. There is information about American and Canadian university hockey, as well as the results of several women's leagues and tournaments. The FAQ is posted regularly to the newsgroup.

There generally aren't a lot of women's hockey articles posted to the newsgroup, but on occasion you'll find one or two. Here is a file containing some women's hockey articles that were posted to the newsgroup.

Two new Usenet Newsgroups that are devoted to women's hockey have just been created. These newsgroups are called and If your server doesn't yet have them, please request them from your news administrator or provider. Any fan of this sport is welcome! These newsgroups are not moderated.

The charter for the newsgroup says: "This unmoderated group will handle posts concerning any college or international women's ice hockey information such as player info, stats, game scores, upcoming tournament schedules and results, plus any questions related to women's ice hockey."

(3) hockey-l college hockey mailing list

Another source for women's hockey information on the net is the hockey-l college hockey mailing list. Articles about women's hockey are posted to the mailing list periodically. Here are a few of the women's hockey related articles that were sent to this mailing list:

There are three different versions of this mailing list to which you may subscribe: info-hockey-l, hockey-l, and hockey-d. Hockey-d is the digest version (one summary message only sent to you each day) of hockey-l and info-hockey-l articles. Info-hockey-l is for college hockey information, and hockey-l is the discussion list for articles posted to info-hockey-l.

If you would like to get on one of the hockey-l mailing lists, send email to "" and in the BODY of your message, put:

       (to receive a daily digest of HOCKEY-L and INFO-HOCKEY-L
        articles -- I recommend subscribing to this digest version)
Additional hockey-l information:

(4) Youth Hockey Discussion List

This mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of youth ice hockey, primarily in the US and Canada. The list was just recently started. You can subscribe to the list by sending e-mail to "" with the line, "subscribe youth-hockey" in the body of the message. Here is a little more information about this mailing list.

(5) Women in Sports Discussion Forum

Pleiades Networks' internet resources for women provides a discussion forum where women can discuss topics related to sports and recreation. This discussion forum is not specific to hockey.


You can find out about tournaments for the current season and you can post information about your own women's hockey tournaments on the tournament page. If you are thinking about hosting a women's hockey tournament, be sure to check out Louise Mallory's article about Organizing Hockey Tournaments.

Hockey Camps

The women's hockey school page provides provides links to information about hockey schools for this season and for past seasons. You can post information about a hockey camp on this web page too.

Opportunities for Women

Goalies Only

Women's Hockey Articles/Info on the Web

Women's Hockey Surveys

Women's Hockey History

Hockey Resources

Books, Magazines

I have made a web page where you can purchase women's hockey books over the Internet, or you can view a list of women's hockey books that are currently available in stores. Please send me e-mail if you know of any other women's hockey books.

Some of the books that you can order from the Internet are Proud Past, Bright Future, On the Edge, and Too Many Men on the Ice.

Sports Illustrated has a women's magazine now. The cost is $19.97 US for 12 issues. For more information, please write to:

Sports Illustrated Womensport
P.O. Box 61094
Tampa, FL 33661-1094

Hockey Hall of Fame

There is a nice women's hockey display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto (10 Front Street). There is a huge picture of the 1992 Team Canada on display, as well as some jerseys, Team Canada's World Championship plates, pictures from the World Championships, and a few other odds and ends. It's a great place. Check it out! Here is a link to the Hockey Hall of Fame Homepage. This link provides a brief description of the Hall of Fame, as well as information about its location and prices.

I'd like to thank the Hockey Hall of Fame's photographer, Doug MacLellan, for some of the pictures that are used in my web site (mainly pictures pics of me from the 92 World Championship available from my on my personal hockey page).

The United States Hall of Fame (located in Northeastern Minnesota) also has a web page with a lot of good information.

General Hockey Information

International Hockey

More information about women's international hockey (world championships, tournaments, hockey in a number of different countries, etc.) can be found on the women's international hockey page or on the country index web page. Here are some other international hockey links:

University Hockey

The women's university hockey page provides more details about women's university hockey in the USA and in Canada. It also has a few links to some other women's hockey web sites and contains some information about girls' high school hockey.


Women's Hockey Sites on the Web

The comprehensive list of women's hockey links on the web has been moved to its own page. You can get to this page by clicking here.

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