Women's International Hockey

Photo: Team Canada, 1994 World Champions

Women's hockey is now being played in at least 26 countries, including many European countries, and most recently, inroads have been made in Asia -- in places like China, Japan, and even Kazakhstan.

In 1995-96, there were some 19,000 girls and women playing hockey in Canada, and more than 82 percent of those were playing in Ontario. There were even more American females playing hockey than Canadian females in the 1995-96 season. USA Hockey's female participants have grown fourfold since 1990.

The IIHF World Championships take place in every non-Olympic year. As well as the main World Championship, there is now a Division I, Division II, and Division III World Championship.

Women's hockey was in the Winter Olympics for the first time ever at the 1998 Winter Olympics, and continues to be represented at this event.

Here is a list of all countries that have women's hockey. And here is an explanation of the qualification process of the countries who compete in the Women's World Hockey Championships.

The outlook for Women's Hockey in Canada in 2021 looks promising.

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World Championships:

Division I

Division II

Division III

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Winter Olympics:

Upcoming/Past International Competition:

Information for Various Countries:

Here is some information for various countries that have women's hockey programs. These pages include the results of both international competition, and hockey within the country.

If you have any information whatsoever about women's hockey in any of these countries, please send it to me at andria@whockey.com. Thanks in advance.

Player Profiles

Here is a link to some player profiles for some of the women who played in the Women's World Championships (WWC). Eventually I will be adding a submission form so that you can enter profiles for any players who have played for their country.

International Ice Hockey Federations

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