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Women's Roller Hockey

Yes, that's right WOMEN'S ROLLER HOCKEY! Did you ever want to try roller hockey but didn't want to put up with the smell of sweaty guys? Well, finally we are seeing the emergence of roller hockey leagues that are exclusively for women!

In the Toronto area, the Metro Toronto Roller Hockey League (MTRHL) is now offering a women's only division, that is sanctioned by CIRSA. Furthermore, CIRSA will help to coordinate women's programs in any other area of the country where demand exists.

Perhaps you've even heard a few rumours about roller hockey. To clear up any confusion that you might have, there are two different kinds of roller hockey. We will refer to them as the "short" stick and "long" stick games. Here is an explanation of each of these games:

"Short" Stick Game (Traditional Roller Hockey)

Please see the above link for information about traditional women's roller hockey.

The next Women's World Roller Hockey Championship will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the fall of 1998. The location is yet to be confirmed.

"Long" Stick Game (In-Line Roller Hockey)

The remainder of this web page will focus on the long-stick in-line roller hockey game.

Women's in-line hockey has been growing in Canada at an astounding rate. There are various league play opportunities across Canada. Please contact CIRSA at 1-800-958-0000 for further information.

The Metro Toronto Roller Hockey League (MTRHL) is hosting a six team women's league in the summer of 1997. Playing opportunites are also available on men's teams - especially for goaltenders. Some co-ed playing opportunities are also available. Please fill out this application form if you would like to register to for the 1997 women's summer league. The women's league takes place every Sunday night throughout the summer (with the exception of long weekends). Game times are 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm, or 8:00 pm at the North York Centennial arena. The cost for the league is $150.

The North American Roller Hockey Championship will take place from August 15-18, 1998 in Atlanta this summer. MTRHL plans to send three representative women's teams to this tournament. These teams are called the Toronto Franklin Typhoon, the Toronto Mission Hurricane, and the Toronto Nike Cyclone.

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