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This version of roller hockey has been around for a long time. Traditional roller hockey is usually played on box skates (4 wheels, two side by side), rather than on in-line skates (one row of 3 or 4 wheels). It is very much different than the in-line hockey that uses the Roller Hockey International (RHI) rules. In traditional roller hockey the sticks are much shorter, a hard ball (instead of a puck) is used, and the playing surface is much smaller. Traditional roller hockey is sometimes referred to as Ball and Cane hockey.

Canada competed in the 1992 and 1994 Women's World Roller Hockey Championships. Canada claimed the gold medal in 1992, and the silver medal in 1994. Canada did not send a team to the 1996 Women's World Roller Hockey Champtionship. Like men's traditional roller hockey, women's traditional roller hockey is not an Olympic sport yet.

Although there are not any organized traditional roller hockey leagues in Canada, Canada sent teams to the World Championship in 1992 and in 1994. These teams were primarily composed of women's ice hockey players. The Canadian team and a few miscellaneous players on other teams used in-line skates, whereas the rest of the teams used box skates.

Women's World Championships

There has been a World Championship for Women's Roller Hockey since 1992. The World Championships take place ever two years. The links below contain information about the results of each Women's World Roller Hockey Championship:

The women's fourth European Championship took place in Germany from November 23rd to 29th, 1997.

Roller Hockey Rankings

The Worldwide Roller Hockey Association web page has compiled a list of rankings for women's roller hockey teams.

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