1998 Toronto Franklin Typhoon

Women's In-Line Hockey Team

Complete Team Roster

 #  POS PLAYER                ICE HOCKEY TEAM
38   G  Keely Brown           University of Tornoto
     G  Sandy Wicks           

 8   D  Ingrid Danylyk        Albon Men's Industrial A
10   D  Prisca Mosimann       DHC Langenthal, Switzerland

33   F  Bridget Bates         University of Toronto
 3  F/G Tracy Cook            University of Guelph
 9   F  Coley Dosser          University of Guelph
21   F  Donna Forbes          Hamilton Goldenhawks AA
91   D  Geraldine Heaney      North York Aeros AAA
55   F  Andria Hunter         Mississauga Chiefs AAA
17   F  Fiona McLeod          Scarborough Sting AAA
27   F  Patricia Long         Brown University
21   F  Kim Dagg
 3   F  Carrie Sekela         Dartmouth University
     F  Christianne Tremills  Brampton AAA
        Robyn Davis
     F  Sharyn O'Doherty
     F  Angela James          North York AAA
        Sascha McLeod
        Cara Gardiner
     F  Kim McCullough

  Rob Insley   -- Coach and Trainer 
  Sandy Nimmo  -- General Manager


  • Franklin - Major Sponsor

  • Tournament Results

    1. Rinko De Mayo, May 16-17, Sacramento, 1998

    2. NARCh, Aug 15-18, Atlanta, 1998

    3. USA Hockey InLine Cup, Sep 24-27, Las Vegas, 1998


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