1997 Toronto Tornado

Women's In-Line Hockey Team

Team Roster


  3  F  Christina Sorbara (North York Junior Aeros)
  5  F  Andria Hunter     (Newtonbrook Panthers AAA)
  7  F  Patty Austin      (University of Guelph)
  8  D  Ingrid Danylyk    (London Devilettes AAA)
  10 F  Coley Dosser      (Mississauga Chiefs AAA)
  11 D  Carrie Sekela     (Newtonbrook Panthers AAA)
  14 F  Karen Pepper      (Mississauga Chiefs AAA)
  16 F  Urszula May       (North York Junior Aeros)
  21 F  Patty Long        (Scarborough Sting AAA)
  27 FD Laura Schuler     (Newtonbrook Panthers AAA, U of Toronto)
  81 FD Donna Forbes      (Hamilton Golden Hawks AA)
  96 G  Keely Brown       (University of Toronto)

  Karen Pepper -- Head Coach
  Sandy Nimmo -- Manager



NARCh Winternational Results

1997 NARCh Winternationals - Women's Division
Huntington Beach, California
Coast 2 Coach Arena

The following four teams competed in the women's division
at the 1997 NARCh Winternationals, and placed as follows:
  1. Toronto Tornado
  2. Femme Fatale, Long Beach, California
  3. San Diego Riptide, California
  4. Team Nike, Oregon

Sat March 1st:
    6:15 am Femme Fatale      3 -vs- San Diego Riptide 0
    7:00 am Toronto Tornado   7 -vs- Team Nike         0
   10:00 am Toronto Tornado   5 -vs- Femme Fatale      2
    3:40 pm Team Nike         2 -vs- San Diego Riptide 5
    9:55 pm San Diego Riptide 4 -vs- Toronto Tornado   5
   10:40 pm Team Nike         0 -vs- Femme Fatale      4

Sun March 2nd:
 *** Gold Medal Game ***
   12:30 pm Toronto Tornado   8 -vs- Femme Fatale   0

Individual Awards

  Most Valuable Player:  Laura Schuler, Toronto Tornado
  High Scorer:           Andria Hunter, Toronto Tornado
  Most Valuable Goalie:  ?

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