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Once considered a passing fad, in-line skating is now almost definitely here to stay! While sales have plateaued, industry figures show that about 900,000 pairs of in-line skates are still being sold every year in Canada!

While teens and young male adults took to in-line skating first, the sport has caught on with 25 to 40 year olds in the last three years. Large numbers of women are taking up this sport. In-line skating has also become very popular among both male and female children.

It is inexpensive and accessible, and it is a great opportunity to get outside for some exercise. Not a lot of planning is involved; you can slip on your in-line skates and be outside skating in a matter of just minutes!

Another added benefit is that it can be done either in groups or alone. Recreational in-line skating makes for a great social outing with friends; or it provides an individual with an escape should she or he need some time alone to relax and reflect.

City bylaws governing the rights of in-line skaters may vary from region to region, so be sure to find out the rules for your area before skating in the streets. In Toronto, skaters aren't permitted on roads but can use sidewalks, provided they show care. In North York, they can skate on either roads or sidewalks, with care, but are not allowed to play games, and they must wear safety gear if they're under 18 years of age.

Instructional Clinics

Please feel free to contact CIRSA if you need information on in-line skating instructional clinics in your area.

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