Roller Skating

Artistic roller skating is a broad category which includes musical performances and acting performed on roller skates, in addition to dance roller skating which includes such categories as figures, singles, pairs, and freestyle. Artistic roller skating is usually performed on box skates (two wheels side-by-side), rather than on in-line skates.

General Information

Artistic roller skating demands from its skaters a careful balance of strength, precision and artistry all wrapped up into a single, breathtaking performance. The results, as spectacular to watch as they are to perform, demonstrate a master of the sport in all its subtleness.

The breadth of artistic skating is also reflected in the diversity of its members. Skaters of all ages and gender are attracted to artistic skating, finding any number of challenges to inspire them to reach individual goals - from a beginners class to world-championship level.

There are several different categories of artistic roller skating, including: figures, singles freestyle, pairs freestyle and dance. They are judged on content and manner of performance. This includes the skater's ability to do the identifiable, difficult content items, like jumps, spins and footwork; while utilizing those movements in artistic interpretation of the accompanying music.

The general artistic skating information provided in this section can be found on the USAC/RS Artistic Skating page, or on K.R.C. Rolling's Artistic Skating page. Please see these pages for additional information on the various dance skating categories.


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