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Poem by Aunt Leslie  

Joséphine Marie-Adèle Ouellette
A Moment Stitched in Time
by Aunt Leslie

A Moment Stitched in Time

Joséphine, I'd like to think of you,
As a moment stitched in time,
And as I sewed your gown,
I had you on my mind.

Joséphine, the beauty of your life,
No matter what the time,
Was the gift of Love,
That you brought, to the present time.

God helped me sew,
So many beautiful dresses,
For each bride's special day,
To be worn for a day only,
Then gently tucked away.

This gown I stitched for Joséphine,
Will be worn, forever in time,
The woven cross on her chest,
A symbol of her beautiful life stitched in our mind.

The special touch of blue,
Sewed here in a special way,
Like Andria wore on her wedding day.
To remind us of the lullaby, "Little Blue Angel,"
Joséphine, has become today.

Love Aunt Leslie Greene
August 2nd 2006
Celebrating the life of Joséphine
Marie-Adèle Ouellette, July 11th 2006 - July 28th 2006
We love you, Little Blue Angel.