Women's Roller Hockey
(Ball & Cane Hockey)

General Information

This version of roller hockey has been around for a long time. Traditional roller hockey is usually played on box skates (4 wheels, two side by side), rather than on in-line skates (one row of 3 or 4 wheels). It is very much different than in-line hockey, which uses ice hockey sticks and a hard plastic puck. In this version of roller hockey the sticks are much shorter, a hard ball (similar to field hockey) is used, and the playing surface is much smaller. Traditional roller hockey is sometimes referred to as Ball and Cane hockey. Here is a page containing more information about women's traditional roller hockey.

There have been World Championships for women's roller hockey since 1992. Like men's roller hockey, women's roller hockey is not an Olympic sport yet.

Although there are not any organized traditional roller hockey leagues in Canada, Canada sent teams to the World Championship in 1992 and in 1994. These teams were primarily composed of women's ice hockey players. The Canadian team and a few miscellaneous players on other teams used in-line skates, whereas the rest of the teams used box skates.

Women's World Championships

There has been a World Championship for Women's Roller Hockey since 1992. The World Championships take place ever two years. Here are the results by year:

The European Women's Championship has been held since 1991 at two year intervals:

Roller Hockey Rankings

For a list of the rankings of the top international women's roller hockey teams and the top club teams, please see the Roller Hockey Data web site. Here is a list of the international rankings, as of November 23, 2001:

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Argentina
  4. Portugal - Junior
  5. Brasil
  6. Italy
  7. Germany
  8. Switzerland
  9. New Zealand
  10. Germany - Junior
  11. England
  12. Australia
  13. Holland
  14. USA
  15. Japan
  16. Colombia
  17. France
  18. PR China
  19. Angola
  20. Andorra
  21. Mexico
  22. France - Junior
  23. Austria
  24. Macao
  25. South Africa
  26. India
  27. Switzerland - Junior
  28. Chile
  29. Sweden
  30. Taiwan
  31. Switzerland - U17
  32. Egypt
  33. Canada (not ranked - no competition since 1994)

1998 French National Results

Here are the results of the 1998 French National Cup (Coupe de France Féminine). This championship took place from May 23-24 1998 in Le Poiré sur Vie.

  1. ASPTT Bordeaux
  2. Mérignac
  3. Wasquehal
  4. Laval
  5. Noisy
  6. Le Poiré sur Vie

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