Women's In-Line Hockey

Photo: Urszula May of the Toronto Tornado shoots on Rachelle Thibert of the Toronto
Tigers during the gold medal final at the 1996 NARCh competition in Chicago.

Women's In-Line Roller Hockey

This version of roller hockey uses regular ice hockey sticks and a hard plastic puck. It is usually referred to as In-Line Hockey, but is sometimes called Roller Hockey. It is usually played on a plastic floor that is sometimes a little smaller than an ice hockey rink. It may also, however, be played on the cement floor of a hockey arena. The rules are quite similar to those of the men's professional RHI league. Unlike ice hockey, only four player and a goalie play at a time. Please note that if you require information about the original version of roller hockey that is played with short sticks and a hard ball instead, you should go to the traditional roller hockey web page instead.

In-line hockey is becoming increasing popular for both men and women. Interest in women's roller has skyrocketed over the past decade. Since 1994, women have been competing at the North American Roller Hockey Championship (NARCh). There is now a USA Hockey InLine Cup which serves as a pseudo National Championship in the USA, and a Canadian Hockey Inline National Championship in Canada. In 2002, the first ever Women's World Championship for inline hockey took place.

Below you will find a list of the results of some of the major women's inline hockey tournaments that have taken place. In addition, there are more tournaments listed on the Inline Tournaments web page. Here is a link to the tryout information for the 2005 Team Ontario.

World Championships

World Championship Results

  Year Gold       Silver     Bronze
  2002 Canada     USA        Australia
  2003 USA        Canada     Czech Rep.
  2004 Canada     USA        Czech Rep.
  2005 Canada     USA        France
  2006 USA        Canada     France
  2007 USA        Czech Rep. France
  2008 Czech Rep. Canada     USA
  2009 USA        Czech Rep. Canada
  2010 Czech Rep. Canada     USA
  2011 USA        Canada     France
  2012 Canada     USA        Spain
  2013 USA        Canada     New Zealand
  2014 USA        Canada     Spain
  2015 Czech Rep. USA        Spain

World Championship - Junior Women Results

  Year Gold       Silver     Bronze
  2013 USA        Canada     Australia
  2014 Spain      USA        Great Britain

NARCh Championships

Global Inline Festival (World Inline Cup)

USA Hockey InLine Cup

Canadian Hockey InLine Championships

Rinko de Mayo Championships

Female Inline Hockey Awards

This award has been discontinued.

Inline Tournament and Clinic Listings

If you wish to list information about a women's inline hockey tournament or a clinic on the women's hockey web. Please visit the inline hockey tournament submission or the inline clinic submission web pages. Here are links to the listings have people have posted so far:

The information in this section was provided by Sandy Nimmo of the former Canadian In-Line and Roller Skating Association (CIRSA). Please note that CIRSA is no longer in operation.

Women's Roller Hockey

Yes, that's right WOMEN'S ROLLER HOCKEY! Did you ever want to try roller hockey but didn't want to put up with the smell of sweaty guys? Well, finally we are seeing the emergence of roller hockey leagues that are exclusively for women!

In the Toronto area, the Greater Toronto Inline League (GTI) welcomes women in any of their divisions. Furthermore, CIRSA will help to coordinate women's programs in any other area of the country where demand exists.

Perhaps you've even heard a few rumours about roller hockey. To clear up any confusion that you might have, there are two different kinds of roller hockey. We will refer to them as the "short" stick and "long" stick games.

Here is an explanation of each of these games:

"Short" Stick Game (Traditional Roller Hockey -- Ball & Cane Hockey)

"Long" Stick Game (In-Line Roller Hockey)

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