1997 NARCh Qualifier

Sarnia, Ontario

Four women's teams competed in the women's division of the 1997 NARCh (North American Roller Hockey Championship) qualifier in Sarnia, Ontario. All games for the women's division were held on June 14, 1997. Four teams competed in the women's division, with each playing one round robin game against each other team. The team with the highest total points in the round robin was awarded the gold medal. Congratuations to the Toronto Nike Cyclone for winning the tournament with a total of five points in three games!

Teams Competing


  10:20 am Toronto Franklin-Labeda Typhoon 7 - Detroit Motor City Blades 2
  10:20 am Toronto Nike Cyclone 8 - Toronto Mission Hurricane 4

   2:20 pm Toronto Franklin-Labeda Typhoon 6 - Toronto Nike Cyclone 6
   2:20 pm Toronto Mission Hurricane 6 - Detroit Motor City Blades 0

   6:20 pm Toronto Mission Hurricane 8 - Toronto Franklin-Labeda Typhoon 0
   6:20 pm Toronto Nike Cyclone 3 - Detroit Motor City Blades 1

Final Placings

 Pl. Team                             GP  W  L  T  PT  GF  GA

  1. Toronto Nike Cyclone              3  2  0  1   5  17  11
  2. Toronto Mission Hurricane         3  2  1  0   4  18   8
  3. Toronto Franklin-Labeda Typhoon   3  1  1  1   3  13  16
  4. Detroit Motor City Blades         3  0  3  0   0   3  16

Individual Awards

  Most Valuable Player:  Collie Dosser, Toronto Mission Hurricane
  Most Valuable Goalie:  Tracy Cook, Toronto Mission Hurricane
  High Scorer:           Andria Hunter, Toronto Franklin-Labeda Typhoon

Team Rosters

Toronto Nike Cyclone - Gold Medal

    G  Lisa Robertson
    D  Donna Forbes       Hamilton Hawks AAA
    F  Patti Austin       University of Guelph
    F  Amanda Benoit      North York Aeros AAA
    F  Cindy Cryderman    North York Aeros AAA
    F  Jody Katz          North York Junior Aeros AAA
    F  Steph Kay          North York Aeros AAA
    F  Amy Turek          North York Aeros AAA
    F  Erin Rourke        North York Aeros AAA

Toronto Mission Hurricanes - Silver Medal

    G  Tracy Cook         North York Aeros AAA
    F  Jen Dewar          North York Aeros AAA
    F  Coley Dosser       Mississauga Chiefs AAA
    F  Patty Long         Scarborough Sting AAA
    F  Sari Krooks        North York Aeros AAA
    F  Theresa DelMonte
    F  Kira Misakowitz    Scarborough Sting AAA
    R  Jen Neil

Toronto Franklin-Labeda Typhoon - Bronze Medal

    G  Rachelle Thibert   University of Guelph
    D  Ingrid Danylyk     Albon Men's Industrial A
    F  Andria Hunter      Newtonbrook Panthers AAA
    F  Sue Ann Van Damme  University of Toronto
    F  Kim Dagg           Hamilton Hawks AAA
    F  Karen Pounder
    F  Fiona

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