OUA 2002-2003 League Awards

2002-2003 OUA Women's Hockey -- League All-Star Teams

First All-Star Team

East Division 
  Susie Laska - Toronto, D 
  Kim Malcher - Toronto, D 
  Elizabeth Chiasson - Queen's, F 
  Jenny McCrae - Toronto, F 
  Jill Savin - Toronto, F 
  Alison Houston - Toronto, G

West Division

  Alison Goodman - Laurier, D 
  Sarah Holt - Guelph, D 
  Val Hamel - Windsor, F 
  Katie Ennis - Guelph, F 
  Krissy Thompson - Laurier, F 
  Katie Clubb - Windsor, G

Second All-Star Team

East Division 

  Melanie Roach - York, D 
  Tanya Vlahovich - Queen's, D 
  Andrea Kretz - York, F 
  Mindy Casselman - Queen's, F 
  Sheri Prentice - York, F 
  Caroline Hare - Queen's, G

West Division 
  Ashley Stephenson - Laurier, D 
  Cheryl Giberson - Windsor, D 
  Katie Macnamara - Laurier, F 
  Lindsay Trimble - Guelph, F 
  Jacqueline Grahek - Laurier, F 
  Cindy Eadie - Laurier, G

Other Awards

Player of the Year:
  Elizabeth Chiasson - Queen's 

Rookie of the Year:
  East: Nicole Trotter - Queen's 
  West: Katie Clubb - Windsor 
Coach of the Year:
  East: Harold Parsons - Queen's 
  West: Pat Hennessey - Windsor

TSN Award Nominee:
  Jenny McCrae - Toronto 

For OUA league standings, see:

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