1997 AWCHA Women's National Collegiate Club Championship

MIT organizing AWCHA Club Championship

Women's Ice Hockey
by USA Today Sports

The MIT Women's Ice Hockey Club team is organizing the 1997 AWCHA
Women's National Collegiate Club Championship. The tournament is
tentatively scheduled to take place at Johnson Rink at MIT (Cambridge,
Mass) the weekend of March 6-9, 1997. The championship will have A and
B division to accommodate differing levels of play. Some schools will
be sending teams in both divisions which indicates the increasing level
of participation in the women's college game.


Date: Thu, 01 Aug 1996 23:19:11 EDT
From: Jill Depto 
To: women-in-hockey@plaidworks.com

hey everyone,

I play for MIT (we're a club team) and we were thinking of
sponsoring a club championship tournament at the end of
this coming season.  i'm writing to find out from anyone on club
teams out there if there is enough interest among area
club teams (or anyone willing to travel to boston) to actually have
the tournament.  let me know if you're interested.

Here's some information:

1.  This is all in the preliminary stages right now and
      we're just trying to see which (if any) clubs would be
      interested in coming.
2.  We would have it at MIT (which is in Boston, Mass.)
3.  It would probably take place in early/mid March of 1997
4.  For more information people can contact me
      Jill Depto
      (617) 253-3261

Check out our team's homepage!!



Date:    Sat, 24 Aug 1996 19:52:01
From:    Jill Depto 
Subject: Club Championship Update

Those of us organizing it just had a meeting with
our athletic department and here are some more details
about what will (probably) be happening providing we get
final approval (which should come in mid-September).  All of the
information in this email is PROPOSED, however, and may change
depending on a number of things.  This is just PROBABLY how it
will be and is in no way definite yet.  I will certainly let you
know when it is definite.

1.  The tournament will be broken down into 2 divisions.
    The top division (the A division) will
    be limited to club teams from universities or colleges.
    The level of play in this division will be for teams with
    women who have been playing hockey for several years.  This
    division could have anywhere from 8-12 teams and will have
    a semi-final and a final round.

    The bottom division (the B division) will
    not be limited to colleges and universities; however, if too many
    teams are interested, college and university teams will be chosen
    over non-college/university teams.  This level of play
    will be for teams of women who have been playing for 2 years or
    less (this season being their 2nd season).  This division will
    be mainly for fun and will probably only have 6 teams which
    will be broken into 2 pools of 3 teams with the winners of each
    pool playing each other in the final game.

2.  Colleges/universities may enter one team in each division (no
    roster overlap allowed).

3.  Teams in the A division will be guaranteed at least 3 games and
    teams in the B division will be guaranteed at least 2 games.

4.  There will be an entry fee to cover refs, programs, trophies, etc.
    We don't know how much this will be yet, but it will be less for
    B division teams.

5.  The tournament will most likely be held March 6-9 (Thurs.-Sun.)
    1997.  Only local teams (MIT, Harvard Business School, etc.) will
    be scheduled to play on Thursday.  Semi-local teams (Amherst, Holy
    Cross, etc.) could be scheduled to play on Thursday and Saturday
    (but not Friday so they don't have to stay in a hotel and don't
    have to make the 1 or 2 hour trip 2 days in a row).  If you are a
    semi-local team please let us know if you would be willing to play
    on Thursday and Saturday.  Non-local teams (those more
    than 2 hours away) will probably have one game on Friday and 2 on
    Saturday.  In the A division, only the semi-finals and final will
    be played on Sunday.  In the B division, only two regular games
    and the final will be played on Sunday.

6.  The regular A division games will probably be 3 12-minute
    periods.  The regular B division games will probably be either
    3 10-minute periods or 2 20 or 25-minute running time periods.
    Ice will DEFINITELY be done before every "A" game and PROBABLY
    before every "B" game (unless we run into time problems).

7.  The semi-finals and final of the "A" will be 3 15-minute periods.
    The final of the "B" will probably be 3 12-minute periods.
    Ice will DEFINITELY be done before these games.

8.  Some sort of award will be given to the winning
    and runner-up teams of the "A" and to the winner of the "B."
    We're also trying to find out the whereabouts of the club trophy
    that is engraved with the winner after these championships are
    held.  Does anyone know of this trophy?

I think that's about it for now.  Again, we don't get final approval
until mid-September but we're 90% sure this is going to happen.
So, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  Also, please
send a mailing address so we can send you an entry form if you
are interested.

Jill Depto
MIT Women's Ice Hockey

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