2003 National Championship

Canadian Interuniversity Sport

The sixth annual CIS Women's Ice Hockey Championship was held at the University of Alberta from March 6-9, 2003. The top six university teams from across Canada took part in this national championship.

Game Schedule

Thursday, March 6th
  16h30 Alberta 12 Saint Mary's 1 
        MVPs: Kristen Hagg (Alb), Kerrie Boyle (SMU)

  19h30 McGill 0 Toronto 3
        MVPs: Alison Houston (Tor), Justine Keyserlingk (McG)

Friday, March 7th
  16h30 Saint Mary's 1 Lethbridge 10
        MVPs: Michelle Koester (Leth), Natalie Bromley (SMU)
  19h30 McGill 3 Regina 0
        MVPs: Kim St-Pierre (McG), Erin Tady (Reg)

Saturday, March 8th
  16h30 Lethbridge 1 Alberta 4
        MVPs: Danielle Bourgeois (Alb), Jenna Stanton (Leth)
  19h30 Regina 1 Toronto 2
        MVPs: Jenny McRae (Tor), Brandy West (Reg)

Sunday, March 9th
  10 h Saint Mary's 1 Regina 8  [5th place match]
       MVPs: Kelsey Rezansoff (Reg), Trula Seaward (SMU)

  14 h Lethbridge 2 McGill 3  [Bronze]
       MVPs: Sophie Acheson (McG), Samantha Ward (Leth)

  18 h Toronto 4 Alberta 5 (OT)  [Gold]
       MVPs: Taryn Fjeld (Alb), Bree Kruklis (Tor)
       Broadcasted LIVE on WTSN (7pm ET) - on TSN (9h30 ET)  

Final Placings

  1. University of Alberta (CWUAA)
  2. University of Toronto (OUA)
  3. McGill University (QSSF)
  4. University of Lethbridge (CWUAA)
  5. University of Regina (Host CWUAA)
  6. Saint Mary's University (AUAA)

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