2001-2002 CIAU Awards

Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union

2001-2002 CIAU Awards

The Brodrick Trophy - Most Outstanding Player:
            Lori Shupak Alberta

TSN Award - Excellence in hockey, academics and community involvement:
            Lauren Houghton Concordia

Rookie of the Year: Cindy Eadie, Wilfrid Laurier

Coach of the Year: Howie Draper Alberta

2001-2002 All Canadians

   Cindy Eadie, Wilfrid Laurier 
   Stacey McCullough, University of Alberta 

   Judy Diduck, University of Alberta 
   Suzanne Kaye, Concordia University 
   Alison Goodman, Wilfrid Laurier University 
   Melanie Roach, York University 

   Lori Shupak, University of Alberta 
   Marie-Claude Allard, Concordia University 
   Kerri-Ann Rudaniecki, University of Guelph 
   Danielle Bourgeois, University of Alberta 
   Sophie Acheson, McGill University 
   Tasha Noble, Saint Mary's University 

2001-2002 Conference All-Star Teams

MVP: Tasha Noble Saint Mary's 
Rookie of the Year: Emily Hobbs UNB  
Coach of the Year: Lisa MacDonald Saint Mary's 

1st Team
Goal - Amy Handrahan StFX  
Defence - Gayle MacDonald StFX  
Defence - Jill Seebold Saint Mary's 
Forward - Michelle Fortier StFX  
Forward - Lynda Robinson UNB  
Forward - Tasha Noble Saint Mary's 
2nd Team
Goal - Emily Hobbs UNB  
Defence - Tammy Tatlock  UNB   
Defence - Amanda Bois  UNB   
Forward - Monica Dupuis  Moncton  
Forward - Stacey Randell  Saint Mary's  
Forward - Heather MacDonald  Dalhousie   
Canada West
Player of the Year: Lori Shupak Alberta 
Rookie of the Year: Kristen Hagg Alberta 
Coach of the Year: Howie Draper Alberta 
TSN Award: Laurie Blair Saskatchewan 
1st Team
Goal - Stacey McCullough Alberta  
Defence - Judy Diduck Alberta  
Defence - Joelle Fiddler Regina  
Forward - Lori Shupak Alberta  
Forward - Danielle Bourgeois Alberta  
Forward - Kristen Nickel, Manitoba  

2nd Team
Goal - Robin Nuttall Saskatchewan  
Defence - Lara Ruppell Alberta  
Defence - Laurie Blair Saskatchewan  
Forward - Leah Kinney Alberta  
Forward - Julie Foster Regina  
Forward - Brandy West Regina  
MVP: Marie-Claude Allard Concordia  
Rookie of the Year: Dominique Rancour Concordia  
Coach of the Year: Les Lawton Concordia  
1st Team
Goal - Amey Doyle McGill  
Defence - Sue Kaye Concordia  
Defence - Allison Ticmanis McGill  
Forward - Marie-Claude Allard Concordia  
Forward - Sophie Acheson McGill  
Forward - Karine Bombardier Ottawa  
2nd Team
Goal - Jessica Anderson Concordia  
Defence - Anna Cooper McGill  
Defence - Roxanne Dupuis Concordia  
Forward - Lisa-Marie Breton Concordia  
Forward - Paula Mailloux McGill  
Forward - Dominique Rancour Concordia  
Forward - Elizabeth Depratto Ottawa 

Player of the Year - Cindy Eadie Laurier 
Rookie of the Year - Cindy Eadie Laurier 

1st Team
Goal - Cindy Eadie Laurier 
Defence - Alison Goodman Laurier 
Defence - Melanie Roach York 
Forward - K.A Rudaniecki Guelph 
Forward - Jenny McRae Toronto 
Forward - Katie Macnamara Laurier 

2nd Team
Goal - Keely Brown York 
Defence - Susie Laska Toronto 
Defence - Kim Malcher Toronto 
Forward - Rachel Harrison Guelph 
Forward - Laura Church Guelph 
Forward - Jacqueline Grahek Laurier 

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