2001 National Championship

Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union

The fourth annual CIAU Women's Ice Hockey Championship will be held at the University of Calgary from February 22-25, 2001. The top six university teams from across Canada will compete for the national title.

The six teams who have now qualified to compete in this championship are: Calgary, STFX, Regina, Concordia, McGill, and Toronto.

Game Schedule

The Championship will be a six team round robin format consisting of two pools of three teams. The composition will be as follows:
OUA Champion, QSSF Champion, Atlantic Champion, Canada West Champion, host and rotating wild card (for 2001: QSSF Runner up)

Seeding will be based on the final CIAU Top 10 of the Year with the pools set up as follows:
Pool A: #1, #4, #5
Pool B: #2, #3, #6

* Note: Where possible, two teams from the same conference will not be seeded in the same pool for round robin play. Also, a conference champion will be ranked higher than any team from its conference.

All games will be played at the Olympic Oval. The times shown below are E.S.T. Subtract 2 hours to et the actual time that these games will take place in Calgary.

The games will be televised as follows. The 3:00 game on Feb 22 will be covered by Headline. All games on Feb 23 and Feb 24 will be covered by Headline. Headline will cover the Bronze medal game, and TSN will cover the Gold medal game.

 Thursday, February 22:
  Canadian Nationals  (@Calgary)
    Regina             6 vs StFX               0 G1                 5:00 pm
    Toronto           12 vs Calgary            1 G2                 9:30 pm

 Friday, February 23:
  Canadian Nationals  (@Calgary)
    Concordia          9 vs StFX               0                    6:00 pm
    McGill             6 vs Calgary            0                    9:30 pm

 Saturday, February 24:
  Canadian Nationals  (@Calgary)
    Concordia          2 vs Regina             3                    2:00 pm
    McGill             1 vs Toronto            4                    6:00 pm

 Sunday, February 25:
  Canadian Nationals  (@Calgary)
    StFX               1 vs Calgary            5        5th pl      9:00 am
    Concordia          0 vs McGill             1     SO 3rd pl     12:30 am
    Toronto            4 vs Regina             3        Champion    5:00 pm

Final Placings

  1. University of Toronto (OUA Champion)
  2. University of Regina (CWUAA Champion)
  3. McGill University (QSSF 2nd place)
  4. Concordia University (QSSF Champion)
  5. University of Calgary (host)
  6. St. Francis Xavier (AUAA Champion)

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