University of Guelph
1995-96 Women's Hockey Roster

The University of Guelph Gryphons play in the 
OWIAA University Hockey League in Ontario, against
the following other teams: 
  Laurier University, Waterloo, ON
  Queen's University, Kingston, ON
  University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  York University, North York, ON
  University of Windsor, Windsor, ON

They are located in Guelph, Ontario.

Guelph Players:

#  Player                   Position-Shot
 1 Jennifer Dewar           goalie-left
 2 Ilana Smith              defense-left
 3 Heather Tripp            centre
 4 Rebecca Pattison         centre-right
 5 Rossalyn Day             left wing-left
 6 Danielle Charboneau      right wing
 7 Cassie Campbell          defense-left
 8 Patti Austin             left wing-left
10 Ingrid Gedies            right wing-left
11 Shelly Betts             right wing-right
13 Lynn Vanderpol           right wing-right
14 Sarah Applegarth         centre-right
16 Angie Massey             right wing-right
17 Jennifer Schuler         defense-left
18 Sarah Miller             defense-right
19 Michelle Holmes          defense-left
29 Tracy Cook               goalie
   Jen Lochhead             forward
   Lynae Harri              goalie

Coaching Staff
    Coach -      Sue Scherer
    Assistants - Helen Knowles
                 Bill McKnight
    Trainers -   Vari McPherson
                 Shannon Moore
    Manager -    Audrey Jones

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