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Tournament Information

Midget (18 &under):  Yes  
Midget (16 &under):  Yes  
Bantam (14 &under):  Yes  
PeeWee (12 &under):  Yes  
Squirt (10 &under):  Yes  
Mite (8 &under):  Yes  
Major/Minor:  Applies to some teams  
AAA:  No  
AA:  No  
A:  Yes  
B:  No  
C (House):  No  

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Tournament Information:
All out of town guests are required to use the tournament sanctioned hotel. The Clarion hotel is located at 150 w 4th Street..716-664-3400. The rooms will be provided at a rate of ______ per night. When booking please tell them that you are in need of a block of rooms for the Concord Classic Series Thanksgiving Tournament.
Schedule Tournament games could begin as early at 8 am on Friday. Teams must be available to play at that time. Schedule requests must be made with application. When schedule is posted, no changes will be made.
Registration All teams must complete the tournament application. Full payment must be received at least 21 days prior to the tournament (or certified check submitted prior to the first game) at the discretion of the tournament committee. Team Roster: Teams must provide a signed/stamped/validated USA Hockey roster with this tournament application or prior to the teams first tournament game.
Teams without a roster will not be permitted to play. Teams must provide 12 game sheet stickers or complete the game sheet 1 hour prior to each game. All team players, coaches and managers must sign in at least 1 (one) hour prior to the start of your game . Coaches must sign all score sheets prior to the game. Jerseys: Home and Away jerseys are recommended. If the team does not have two sets of jerseys, please alert the tournament director prior to the tournament. Each team is required to provide an adult for the penalty box. All players on the bench and penalty box must wear a protective helmet/face mask.
Rules 2010 JSBIA Tournament is sanctioned by USA Hockey. USA Hockey rules and regulations will apply unless noted below. All player equipment must meet USA Hockey standards.
Each team is responsible for any damages done by their players in the locker room, hallways and hotels during the tournament. Coaches and managers are required to ensure the cleanliness of the locker room prior to leaving the area. Protests & forfeits: All decisions of the tournament committee are final. Any team refusing or failing to take the ice for a scheduled game will forfeit the game and receive zero points and be ineligible to advance. No protests will be permitted.
Format Games will be in round robin format with a 3 game guarantee. All games will have 3 minutes warm up. Game Times:
Mite & Squirt: 12 V 12 V 10 periods, 60 minute curfew
Pee Wee& Girls U12 : 12 V 12 V 12 periods, 65 minute curfew
Bantam/Midget & Girls U14, U19: 14 V 14 V 12 periods, 80 minute curfew
All teams must be prepared to take the ice 30 minutes prior to the start of the game Mercy Rule: A running clock will apply to all games if at any time the score reaches the difference of 6 goals or more. The running clock will continue unless the score comes within a 4 goal difference.
Point Structure:
Each game is worth 5 points
1 point per period (split for tie score during period)
2 points for win, 1 point each team for tie score
Top 2 teams in each division qualify for the Championship game Tie Breakers in order:
Head to head results
Fewest goals allowed
Fewest penalty minutes
Coin toss Penalties:
Mite & Squirt & Girls U12: Minor 1.5 Minutes
Pee Wee, Bantam ,Girls U14 and U19 & Midget : Minor 2 Minutes
Major penalties: 5 minutes
Misconducts will be 10 minutes.
Player will be suspended for the reminder of the tournament for any game penalty for fighting assessed by the referees.
All other penalties will follow USA Hockey regulations as assessed by the referees. No timeouts allowed in preliminary games One (1) minute timeout allowed in Championship game
Championship games: No curfew
A tie will result in a 5 minute overtime period. A tie after overtime will result in a sudden death 5 minute overtime period. A tie after that period will result in 5 minute overtime sudden death with 4 players. Continuing with 4 player sudden death until a winner is declared.
First and Second Place Teams will Receive
Individual Trophies or plaques
Make check payable to
Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena
319 West 3rd Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
JSBIA Concord Series Mardi Gras Madness
Registration Form:
DIVISION: ____________________ CLASSIFICATION (circle): Select / Travel
Team Name: _________________________________
Association: __________________________________
Team Manager Name:______________________________________________
Home Phone: ____________________________________________________
Cell Phone: ______________________________________________________
E-mail: _________________________________________________________
Head Coach Name: _______________________________________________
Home Phone: ____________________________________________________
E-mail: _________________________________________________________
Coaching Card # __________________________________________________
Level: __________________________________________________________
Assistant coaches: Names ________________________________________
Jersey # Player name Jersey # Player names
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
____________________________________ ___________________________________
All Teams must be registered with USA Hockey.
Teams must present a USA Hockey roster
Please contact us if you have questions regarding this rule. 

Additional Information

Submitted by:    LORIE MICHALAK
E-mail address:  LORIE@NETSYNC.NET
For season:      2010 - 2011
For month:       Nov
City:            JAMESTOWN,NY
Country:         USA

Date submitted:  Sep 14, 2010 at 12:49

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