Women's hockey tournament in
Missoula Montana

Tournament Information

The University of Montana women's hockey team is hosting a benefit 
tournament on March 9 - 11. We need to get 16 teams total. 8 men's 
teams and 8 women's teams. They will be competing in different 

Most of the proceeds will go to help out an ex-player,  who has 
major medical problems due to Crohn's disease. Her story is pretty 
shocking. In order to raise enough money for her we would like to 
get as many teams as possible. 

below is a letter from our coach. I have more info that I can e-mail or tell you about. So if you are at all interested please call or e-mail me.If you can would you please tell anyone about this tournament. Thanks so much. Feel free to write or call  if you have any questions. 
- Laura 
icey_2@hotmail.com (208)597-1126

Hello to our Hockey Family,
First off I’d like to personally thank each one of you who have taken both the time and interest to look into our first annual Montana Women’s Hockey Benefit Tournament.  This mailing has been sent to you as both an invitation to come out and play some hockey, have fun, meet new folks, see some familiar faces, an opportunity to help out someone in our community who has been dealing with some serious health issues.
By now we’ve all traveled miles upon miles in adverse conditions in an effort to reach the next rink on the winter long hockey highway.  Thoughts of summer slip into our minds and help “warm” the toes in our skates and frozen finger tips which are now peeking from the battered leather of our gloves.  Still, we find the desire for one last shot at the hardware.  One more chance to grind out a hard fought win, or another reason to crack into the dank confines of our beaten bags.  We would all like to seize the opportunity for one last tape job, skate sharpening, and of course, another reason to don the team sweaters before they are set to rest during the upcoming lazy summer days.  This is why we have invited you.
The idea of this tournament is to gather rink rats from all areas so that they can come visit us in Missoula, Montana and enjoy yourselves in a weekend long hockey jamboree while simultaneously lending a helping hand to one in need.
The set up of the tournament will include eight teams of women and another eight teams of men.  Each respective group will be randomly placed into their brackets.  We will run a two referee system throughout the event.  Each of the brackets will have a championship and consolation progression.  All teams will play the same amount of games.
In addition to the regular hockey fare, we will have raffle items, Termite & Mite mini-games, a silent auction, a BBQ, refreshments, and a few surprises both on ice and off, to help round out the festive atmosphere.
Our goal is to have a fun tournament to help finish off the second half of our hockey season.  We want this to be a tournament unique as both as an experience and unique in purpose. This year’s beneficiary was a member of the original U of M Women’s Hockey Team who was sidelined due to a variety of health complications.
We want to celebrate what she and the other founding members of our team have done for successive generations of women hockey players in Missoula. They have created a team open to all abilities that provide our women with a fun environment in which to play competitive hockey.  We want to be able to lend a helping hand to our teammate and someone I consider a family member of our Montana Women’s Hockey Team.  As we are all a part of the family of Hockey I hope you can help make this a success. Ideally, we’d like to be able to do this every year from now with a new beneficiary chosen each year.  We’ll ask those in attendance for their own vote for next year’s tournament.
The following page was sent to be by this year’s beneficiary.  Thanks so much for your help.  Take care, stay friendly, and play always for the love of the game.
Troy M. Dvorak

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Laura Wold
E-mail address:  icey_2@hotmail.com
For season:      2006 - 2007
For month:       Mar
City:            Missoula Montana
Country:         USA

Date submitted:  Feb 26, 2007 at 11:37

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