Women's hockey tournament in
Lake Placid, NY

Tournament Information

Since 1987 Canadian Hockey Enterprises (CHE) has offered women's recreational tournaments. Our Lake Placid date is set for April 29/30-May 2nd, 2004. CHE is expecting 24 teams of all varied divisions from Senior A to Senior D and Recreational. This holiday weekend includes a 3-game guarantee, great hotels, breakfast and dinner daily, a rousing banquet, after game refreshments, play your games at the Olympic Center plus a first class staff. Lake Placid is only 5 hours from Toronto and New York City. For more information contact CHE at 1-800-461-2161 or email goals@chehockey.com or check out the web www.chehockey.com   

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Canadian Hockey Enterprises
E-mail address:  goals@chehockey.com
For season:      2003 - 2004
For month:       Apr
City:            Lake Placid, NY
Country:         USA

Date submitted:  Oct 20, 2003 at 17:25

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