Women's hockey tournament in
Chicago, Illinois

Tournament Information

March 3, 2000

Midwest Women's Ice Hockey Tournament April 28-30

CHICAGO--Capitalizing on the burgeoning interest in women's ice hockey, the
Chicago Ice women's hockey club is hosting their 3rd Annual Black & Blue
Women's Ice Hockey Tournament April 28-30 at the Bensenville Edge arena, in
Bensenville, Illinois. Sixteen teams and more than 250 players from around
the midwest and Canada are expected to compete in the event.

Subaru is one of the lead sponsors of the event, which will feature 26
hockey games. The facility has two ice surfaces, so there will be non-stop
hockey action. Full details and contact information about competing in the
tournament are available at www.mcs.net/~chgoice/.

There will be eight teams in each of two divisions: a B division and a C
division. Each team will play three games of round robin, and there will be
a championship game in each division.

Teams confirmed in the C division: St. Louis Surge, Johnny's Jets
(Chicago), Evanston Tigers, Flash (Chicago), Team Michigan Ice Breakers,
and Chicago Ice #3.

Teams that have confirmed in the B division: Cincinnati Rising Stars,
defending champion Polar Bears (Mich.), Illinois Storm, University of
Wisconsin B team, Critter Control, St. Louis Force, and Chicago Ice #1.

There will also be a skills competition on Saturday afternoon, April 29, in
which players chosen by their teammates compete against players from other
teams in their division.

The international and national interest in women's ice hockey has been on
the rise since the U.S. women's hockey team defeated Canada in the last
winter Olympics-the first Olympics which featured women's ice hockey as a
medal sport. Hundreds of girl's and women's teams have sprung up around the
U.S. in the past few years, and the annual Black & Blue Women's Ice Hockey
Tournament offers a chance for players and fans to enjoy this highly
competitive and fascinating sport.

The #1 team of the Chicago Ice, which is hosting this tournament, just won
the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois 2000 State Championship
Tournament in the Women's Senior A Division.

Women's Ice Hockey Photos and Illustrations Available Upon Request.
For further information:
Tracy Baim: (773) 871-7610
Kevin Boyer: (847) 256-8446
Ann Perkins from Chicago Ice: http://www.mcs.net/~chgoice/ 
(312) 499-3742 day, (773) 561-8022 night

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Tracy Baim
E-mail address:  Outlines@suba.com
For season:      1999 - 2000
For month:       Apr
City:            Chicago, Illinois
Country:         USA

Date submitted:  Mar 03, 20100 at 15:11

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