Women's hockey tournament in
Sugar Land, TX

Tournament Information

From:   Lisa Flanagan 
To:     "'andria@cs.toronto.edu'" 
Subject: President's Day Tournament/ Sugar Land, Texas
Date:   Tue, 14 Dec 1999 12:34:29 -0500

Dear Andria,
My name is Lisa Flanagan and I am the Hockey Director at the Aerodrome Ice
Skating Complex in Sugar Land, Tx. I found you on the web and it is so
refreshing to see someone as motivated as you in promoting this sport for
girls and women.

I grew up playing hockey for the Mississauga Indians way back in the 70's ,
I am sure well before your time. We did not have people like you to promote
the sport of hockey for girls and your work is appreciated!
I am hoping that you can help me out by maybe getting the word out or
putting me in contact with girls 19 and under and 15 and under teams along
with women's teams.

We are holding a President's Day Tournament the weekend of February 17, 18,
19 and are looking for girls 19 and under travel teams and women's teams to
invite. Due to our program being 2 years young, our data base is small and
we could use some assistance in getting in touch with the various teams
around Canada and the US. We would appreciate any assistance you can offer
and look forward to hearing from you.

I can be reached at this email address or in my office, 281-265-7463.

Thank you for your time,
Lisa Flanagan

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Lisa Flanagan
E-mail address:  lflanagan@aerodromes.com
For season:      1999 - 2000
For month:       Feb
City:            Sugar Land, TX
Country:         USA

Date submitted:  Jan 07, 20100 at 19:30

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