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Tournament Information

   We are putting on a womens hockey tournament to raise funds for
   breast cancer and also for one of the members of my team who is
   fighting her own battle against breast cancer ..

   The tournament will be April 16 - 18 at the MN super rink and we
   have some guest from the womens olymic team that will be there as
   well sighning pucks and helping us out.

   we are still looking for other teams to come and compeat with us the
   tournament will be A B and C leavel teams

   Any one interested please let me know
   Thank you for your good thoughts and any support we can receive
   Wee Keeper @ AOL.com

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Sue Olson
E-mail address:  WeeKeeper@aol.com
For season:      1998 - 1999
City:            Minnesota
Country:         USA

Date submitted:  Feb 16, 1999 at 03:17

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