Women's hockey tournament in
Brampton Ontario Canada

Tournament Information

Hello Team Officials
Calling all teams in North America as well past players, coaches, moms, grandmothers, aunts and sisters to come celebrate this historic moment in female hockey history. 
Welcome to the 50th Anniversary of the Easter Brampton Canadettes Tournament - the “world’s largest and longest running female hockey tournament”.
This year Easter weekend is going to be extra special as it is being held just after the April 6th OWHA Provincial Championship.
Need Info go to 
or send info request to parkinson@rogers.com
Have not yet registered your team for this year’s “Celebration of female hockey”? Are you waiting to see if your team will advance to the OWHA Provincials the Weekend before on April 7-9? Maybe you are waiting to see if your team advances to the USA Nationals? Staying on the ice before tryouts, which start after the Easter tournament, is also an important way for the athletes to stay in shape. Please register your team online soon to secure your spot!
The Brampton Canadettes are looking for 500 Teams this year to help us celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the tournament. Many of you have attended in the past and many come back every year. Many use it as the final weekend before tryouts start, some have been off the ice for 3-4 weeks without game action. Possibly you just come because of the historic value of such a massive event attracting annually between 330- 425 teams. This year we hope to have players in attendance from the inaugural year to help us celebrate this milestone in female hockey.
The question remains, will your team be coming to create and skate during this historical moment in female hockey as our valued guests?
*Please note ALL Local Competitive AA-A Level teams and or ANY Divisions containing more than 16 Teams MAY Start Thursday night. We do accept requests from teams wishing to play on Thursday evening to ensure they do not play Good Friday morning. ALL other teams are required to be available to start play Good Friday 8am if required.
THINGS TO DO: Watch for full details on our website and social media; Pancake breakfast, 50th Class Reunion "Back to the future day", Easter baskets - Draws - vendors, Team Canada appearances autograph sessions Alumni games, PWHL Skate down memory lane, archives artifacts on display, ESSO Fun Day, OWHA Ambassador Day, Skate with the Olympians, Appearances by mascots Benji & Betsy for team photos, Meet and greets, Connect with friends players coach and parents from the past. Golden Easter Egg hunt.
Vicky Sunohara Team Canada Olympian 
I always remember it being this huge tournament during Easter Weekend. Back then the clocks went ahead an hour and every year at least one person on my team missed a game the next morning! It was always a lot of fun and usually the best and last tournament of the season. The competition was the best as it had the most teams entered, that's why it was always a big accomplishment to win the Brampton tournament.
“Come Create a Little History of Your Own Today
Everyone seems to forget, “Without House division there is NO DS or REP Hockey” so we really need to pay attention to and take care of their needs as well focus on the girls having fun and remain active and having FUN! What better way than to end the season attending the World’s Largest and Longest Running female Hockey tournament
Q1: DS Team & Houseleague Team
A1: OWHA Associations offer DS (Development Stream) whereby teams are normally for the most part, selected on the ice while having a formal tryout process. As well only teams registered in ONTARIO can participate in the DS Division.  
Q2: So why would anyone want to bring a Houseleague Team when they have DS players who can’t play on the HL team?
A2: Not every association hosts tryouts and not every family in Ontario can afford some extra hockey or have valuable family time to commit to additional game times practices and 3 tournaments. Westill want as many teams in House in North America to still come and experience the thrill of a lifetime. Participate in a Historic event with your name captured forever!
Q3: So we have a house team that would like to enter but we have some DS and regular players that cannot attend due to it being held on Easter Weekend. Can we use on loan some other OWHA Houseleague registered players to join our teams for the weekend? It just seems such a shame I have 90% who want to play what can we do?
A3: Yes you can! All OWHA house teams coming that will be missing players to the DS Team, are able to replace a Max 3 players from other OWHA HL teams via the OWHA Pickup Consent Forms for Temporary Players. As long as these players are formally registered as OWHA Houseleague Players and are not registered on a Competitive team or being brought down a division then yes. WE will help you directly to make sure you have everything and fully understand. You will need to get those girls their teams OWHA# which is a (3-4 Digit Number) so the official paperwork is all in place.
Q4: So just to be clear, if our association is running a DS Program then those players can only participate on either the House Team or the DS not both? 
A4: Correct they cannot play for 2 teams in the same OWHA Sanctioned event there are no Allowances. 
Q5: We are a Competitive Rep Team not sure if we are going to advance to the OWHA Provincial Championship. Can we take a spot now then give it up if we are unable to do back to back weekends. Is there a service fee for removing?
A5: Yes due to the sheer size of an event like this everyone needs to be aware of the ramifications of not removing early enough to not impact others. All teams are requested to be paid in full for 49 years all REFUNDS are completed and mailed 3 weeks before the event once all teams have been secured and finalized. We recommend you secure a spot now once spot is confirmed, discuss with us the team’s needs. In many cases possibly the teams you are playing down against also want a backup spot.You can possibly share details to make sure we are all on same page.
We are searching and calling on all Senior Teams and Players from the past who have participated in the event. We want to hear from you to ensure you take part in this year’s grand celebrations and tributes over the weekend. Honoring those who helped ensure the game we love today was developed and promoted for today’s female athletes of all ages in our sport. Drop us a line to info@sportacularevent.com and in subject line use Past Brampton Participant. Tell us when you participated and what team and division. We are going to start our social media campaign soon. Spread the word this is one celebration coupled with Canada's 150th Birthday will be one heck of a party!
Jayna Hefford Team Canada Olympian 
Playing in the Brampton Canadettes tournament was always special. I was proud to say that I competed in the biggest women's hockey tournament in the world.  It was amazing to be a part of an event that drew teams from so many different cities, provinces and countries.  It was always a great way to finish off the season, by being challenged by all the best teams.

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Gary Parkinson
E-mail address:  parkinson@rogers.com
For season:      2016 - 2017
For month:       Apr
City:            Brampton Ontario Canada
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Feb 07, 2017 at 18:23

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