Women's hockey tournament in
Toronto Ontario

Tournament Information

University Prospects "TOP 5"
Female Hockey Showcase Festival
June 2-3-4, 2006

2 Showcase Divisions will be featured 

BANTAM AA-A Players born 1991-1992
Players in Regions not offering this level will be reviewed individually 

Players in Regions not offering this level will be reviewed individually 

First let's get you educated so you can make a qualified and informed decision: 

Important Ontario Dates: 
February 24-26, 2006 Ontario Provincial Championships Sr AAA to Intermediate AA
March 8-12, 2006 Esso Senior Nationals. Syndney, Nova Scotia
March 9-12, 2006 Ontario Winter Games. Barrie Ontario
March 9-12, 2006 CIS Championships. St. Francis Xavier University. Nova Scotia
April 7-9, 2006 Ontario Provincial Championships Midget AA - Bantam AA
April 14-16, 2006 Brampton Canadettes Tournament & NWHL Championships
May 27, 2006 OWHA Annual General Meeting

** ALL Ontario Based Athletes
As most parents and players are probably not aware of unless you were at this past years OWHA 2005 Annual General Meeting they adopted a change as to when the 2006-2007 Ontario Tryouts may commence for female hockey. It was based on the large number of female hockey players who will attend The Worlds Largest Female Hockey Tournament in Brampton. In order to give all associations a fair and equitable start date they adopted ALL ONTARIO Based Female Hockey Tryouts May Only Begin the Week of April 17, 2006 You will see this on the OWHA website link provided below for Player Releases and Permission to Skate forms www.owha.on.ca/forms.asp.
We want you to be careful to NOT put yourself in a compromised situation whereby, you may inadvertently disrupt your teams personal association tryout schedule which normally see's this type of information released around March 2006. 

NCAA Quiet Period:
Each year the NCAA defines dates that NCAA Schools are NOT allowed to participate in the scouting of players.
This spring those dates are from April 24 - May 31, 2006 as shown below in the table as well simply clicking on the link we have provided you below:
Important Dates 

Division I Women's Ice Hockey April 11-14, 2005, (during the period Monday through Thursday of the initial week for the spring signing of the National Letter of Intent). 
November 7-10, 2005, (during the period Monday through Thursday of the initial week for the fall signing of the National Letter of Intent). 
March 23 through noon March 27, 2006, (the day prior to the Division I Women's Ice Hockey Championship to noon on the day after the game). 
April 10-13, 2006, (during the period Monday through Thursday of the initial week for the spring signing of the National Letter of Intent). 
April 24 through May 31, 2006, [Monday prior to the American Hockey Coaches Association Convention (April 27-30) is considered a quiet period]. 

So there now you have some really important dates to seriously consider when registering for this event or any other similar scouting event. 

Who & What is Sportacular Event all about?
We have been assisting top-level female athletes in numerous sports for many years.
We focus our events not just on the actual competition but also on ensuring everyone leaves better educated.
Our past history is you glance through the Past Event Listings you will quickly realize we work with top-level elite athletes in various sports.
Feel free to click on this link to see just a few of the past events we have been able to offer www.sportacularevent.com/recent_past.htm
We take great pride in acting as your hosts and offer outstanding programs designed to female athletes in all sports and TOP 5 is just another we are pleased to be apart of. 

Who and What is University prospects?
The University prospects company has a long standing professional relationship with every college and University in Canada and the USA.
They have built their credibility on selecting their athletes in order to assist them with their educational needs.
Owner Brian Smith takes great pride in educating athletes and their parents worldwide to become more familiar and secure when the time comes to make educated and choices which fits each families separate and unique needs. 

Our Entire Weekend is focused on
Environment - Education - Evaluation
We offer numerous daily educational seminars and guest speakers for parents and athletes to attend regarding today's most important topics in female hockey.
The SAT Process - What The Recruitment Process Entails - NCAA Compliance
Playing In The High Performance Environment - Becoming A National Team Player
Special Guest Speakers & Testimonials from Team Canada Olympians and Elite Level Athletes.
*Friday Night is "Family Hospitality Night" - Location TBA
**Saturday Night is the 3 ON 3 Sportacular Cup Challenge 

So what is TOP 5 all about?
Well we have been asked and requested to supply a showcase setting for top level female hockey athletes to be educated as well provide the environment and opportunity to be evaluated by the schools.
We have been working with National Level athletes and members of Canada's National Program for many years. They too focus their importance on education as well as their competitions.
Sportacular Event has been in business many years and deals ongoing with today's high performance female athlete in numerous sports.
We always provide educational elements for both parents and athletes at every event we host as the benefits far out weigh not doing so.
Let's face it being educated allows us all to make better more qualified decisions and creates some self-confidence that we are well versed when needed.
There is nothing worse in life then that awkward feeling when the time comes to make a decision and we have absolutely no idea what we are entering into.
That's where we have become the experts in educating parents and athletes who may have the opportunity to achieve their academic and athletic dreams and goals. 

So how does TOP 5 Work?
Well based on what we have just said previously and knowing what the schools are looking for we have developed the opportunity to allow you to create that TOP 5 players as a unit to participate. You gather the linemates that want to participate and will be able to compliment each others abilities for the weekend thus; Wow the scouts!
Your TOP 5 line will consist of registering 1 Center 2 Wingers and 2 Defence.
We will keep you together and create a full team of 3 complete lines. 

What if I just want to register by myself?
Well we can do that too.
There is a separate section for individuals to enter.
Like the TOP 5 you still need to provide us all the necessary information to allow us to review your application as well your background.
If we feel you are competent to play we will seed you into a team of others who have registered individually. 

I am a Goalie where do I fit in?
First of all we completely understand that, "Goalies are Unique and not different".
So Goalies have their own section to register similar to skaters.
You too must be able to supply all other information requested because of the uniqueness of the position. 

What if I am not playing AA hockey this year mostly because my center does not offer it?
We fully understand and expect to see those numerous "Diamonds in the Rough" that never seem to get that much-needed exposure they desire especially in a setting such as this. Your selection will be mainly based on a few factors:
Athletic credibility and verification as well your current geographical location and finally your hockey associations contacts. 

Say I am from another Province or Country do you offer any other special services?
Yes, we are actually looking into a Shuttle Bus from Pearson International Airport for both our athletes and our guests from the numerous Universities and schools abroad.
This is not confirmed at this time but we are working towards this to best accommodate your travel needs. 

HOW are the teams formed?
Well our team alone will create the team rosters based on all registrants received.
If you have registered as an individual there are NO requests to play with others as you are encouraged to participate and create that TOP 5 line for this showcase purpose wherever possible. 

How can payment be made? 
Option A:
Send your Cheque made payable to Sportacular Event: In Canada you are requested to send Canada Post - Express Post to ensure next day delivery. Athletes from outside Canada are also requested to send Express where possible. When cheques arrive you will receive an email confirmation and notification it is on our office and will be sent to all parties concerned. 

Option B:
We are just in the process of securing our Secure Credit Card offerings through PayPal which is the worlds most trusted and secure site for Credit Card Payments. 
Refund Policy
Yes, we have one!
Let's face it, accidents and injuries do happen in life especially with top-level trained athletes and being penalized is never a good thing.
Athletes will have up until the identified date in listed on the Important TOP 5 Registration Dates & Info. 

Conditions of a refund
We will accept only a valid doctors note on official letterhead complete with a full report of the injury in question stating why this athlete should not participate in this event.
If you paid as a TOP 5 Line the refund will be issued to the person who made the payment in FULL. Please note any and all refunds are subjected to a $50.00 Administrative fee. 

Participation Waivers & Medical Disclosures
All athletes will be signing waivers before they participate in this event, which means disclosure of sensitive medical information at times.
This information is considered highly sensitive and will not be shared with others and will be kept and in the strictest confidential manner available to us.
We do require this information in the event of an emergency to best take care of the athletes medical needs. 

Imporatant Top 5 Registration Dates & Info

Sunday January 1st, 2006 - ONLINE Registration Begins 
Sunday January 1st, 2006 - Payment submissions start 
Ongoing Actual Athletes Selection Take Place 
Friday April 14th, 2006 - Deadline to request refunds 
Friday May 5th, 2006 - FINAL Confirmations take place 
Friday May 26th, 2006 - ROSTERS Announced Website 
Friday June 2nd, 2006 The TOP 5 Female Hockey Showcase Begins 
All Hotel and accommodations must be booked through ASA.
All athletes and their families will be staying at the same locations.
Once confirmed to attend and paid you will be given the contact information to make your accommodations through our provider.
These accommodations are for your family we do not setup the accommodations with rooming lists. 

Maps to Venues
Coming Soon. 

Selection Process
You may register as a TOP 5 Line or as an Individual
You pick whom your line is comprised of
1 Center 2 Wingers 2 Defence
Coach Recommendations - Invites - Applications 

Each team will be created and comprised of 9 Forwards - 6 Defence - 3 Goalies 

Every Team Will Play A 5 Game Minimum
Games are 15-15-15 Stop Time
No Gate Fees 

Your $225 Registration includes all applicable taxes
Keeper Jersey & Socks
Saturday Only Dinner Buffet Athlete Meals
TOP 5 SHOWCASE Individual Player $$ Bursary Awards 

Guest Coach's Behind Your Bench
Online Player Profiles To View Online - TBC
Professionally Created "Showcase" Players Guides

So I have read everything above and want to register, what happens next?
Well you said it best, you have read ALL the above information and now would like to formally register online through the website.
If you are registering as a complete TOP5 line please ensure BEFORE YOU START the process that you have gathered all the necessary information to efficiently complete the process once started.
Confirming your TOP 5 lineup through your payment or individual payment in full is crucial so we may make confirmations sooner rather then later.
Once the review process starts we will be notifying TOP 5 entries as well individuals who have applied of their acceptance or denial via email as we move forward. 

Scouts want to see top lines all together over a weekend to allow them the best and most efficient use of their time. You are being given the opportunity to showcase your skills as well your teammates as a unit in your comfort zone to be at your absolute best! Heck you played together all season long and in your groove, why would anyone want to spoil a perfect opportunity. 

So, why not choose your TOP 5 and come WOW the scouts! 
So feel free to visit our site for all the details

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Sportacular Event
E-mail address:  info@sportacularevent.com
For season:      2005 - 2006
For month:       Dec
City:            Toronto Ontario 
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Jan 21, 2006 at 23:10

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