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Location - MississaugFeb 5-7     Pat Nicholls    905-791-2880                                          AAA, AA, A
Mississauga / BramptoApr 16-18   Pat Nicholls    905-791-2880 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL  BB, B, CC, C


EVENT                            LOCATION        DATE(S)    CONTACT        PHONE #
CENTRAL CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP    OTTAWA          April 23-25OWHA Office    905-275-8866
(Quebec / Ontario Cup)


September 1998
WILLOWDALE           Sept 26-27  Kathy Rumble    416-743-8070      B,BB,A,AB,BB,A,B,BB,A,B,BB,A,AA

October 1998
SCARBOROUGH          Oct 10-11   Terry Sawdon    905-668-4809                       AA     AA     AA
NORTH YORK           Oct 16-18   Maria Quinto    905-859-4799 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL      ALL
GUELPH UNIVERSITY    Oct 23-25   Diane Boles     905-227-7548                                     AA
SAULT STE MARIE (SRHAOct 23-25   Debbie Gallagher705-946-2549        Open          Open   Open
WAWA                 Oct 23-25   Dean Domich     705-889-2005                                           B   Open
PARRY SOUND          Oct 30-Nov 1Wendy Grater    705-746-6534                                               C

November 1998
STOUFFVILLE          Nov 6-8     Dianne White    905-640-1706  B      BB     BB    BB, B  AA, B   BB
THUNDER BAY          Nov 6-8     Tammy Reynolds  807-623-7076  X      X       X             X               X
WHITBY               Nov 6-8     Blair McIntosh  905-666-5428 Open    Open          Open
BROCKVILLE           Nov 13-15   Dianne Johnson  613-342-4016                                          AAA,AA,A,B,C
CHATHAM              Nov 13-15   Mark Cleeve     519-351-2978 BB, B    BB      A     BB
OTTAWA NCCP          Nov 13-15   Jim McCutcheon  613-726-1389       AA, A   AA, A  AA, A  AA, A AA, A, AAA, AA, A
GRAFTON              Nov 14/98   Darlene O'Connor905-349-2783                             Open   Open
LONDON               Nov 14-15   Mike Chaney     519-641-2898                                              ALL
BARRIE               Nov 20-22   Cheryl Stock    705-737-4749 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL      ALL
CORNWALL             Nov 20-22   Brian Tardif    613-938-2950               A, BB A, BB, AA, A, C
BELLEVILLE           Nov 21-22   John Cadeau     613-962-3153       BB, C   A, BB  BB, B  BB, B           AA, A
GLOUCESTER           Nov 27-29   Brad Kennedy    613-824-5169        Open   Open   Open
KITCHENER            Nov 27-29   Paul Tortolo    519-888-0642  A      A      BB     BB     BB     BB
LAKE OF THE WOODS    Nov 27-29   Herman Phinney  807-547-2362  X      X       X             X
PORT ELGIN           Nov 27-29   Dave Irvine     519-832-9311         C              C   Mid B & Int B combined
SCHREIBER            Nov 27-29   Brenda Strassbur807-824-2649                                             Open

December 1998
PETERBOROUGH         Dec 4-6     Terri Crough    705-876-7493  B    BB, B   BB, B AA, B,  AA, B    A     AA, BB
SARNIA               Dec 4-6     Brad Coon       519-869-2358 A, B   BB, C   A, B   A, C   A, B     C       AA
WINDSOR              Dec 4-6     Greg Aldous     519-978-2307 BB    AA, B   BB, C  BB, C    A               A
CLEARVIEW            Dec 5/98    Glen Godovitz   705-423-1063         BB
COBOURG              Dec 5-6     Faye Gaudet     905-372-6949         C                     C
HAWKESBURY           Dec 5-6     Helene Methot   613-678-2814         C     B, C   B, C          B, C
CLEARVIEW            Dec 6/98    Glen Godovitz   705-423-1063                 B
THUNDER BAY          Dec 11-13   Susanne Walford 807-623-5605                                             A, CC
BELLEVILLE           Dec 19/98   Rob Parks       613-966-3293                      Open
MISSISSAUGA          Dec 26-28   Kenneth Wong    905-890-4742 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL      ALL
NIAGARA FALLS        Dec 26-28   Bonnie Somervill905-295-6178         X       X      X      X      X
OSGOODE RIDEAU       Dec 27/98   Linda Bradford  613-489-0463                                      C

January 1999
WOODSTOCK            Jan 2-3     Dianne Waugh    519-539-9988 Open     C     Open  C, Open   B      B        C
KEMPTVILLE           Jan 3/99    Sheila Eckford  613-258-2017                               C
WOOLWICH             Jan 8-9     Rodger Frey     519-669-1132                                               A
COLD CREEK           Jan 9 / 99  Helen DeKeyser  905-355-2856               B, C
KINGSTON             Jan 15-17   Heather Pearson 613-384-2014  C     A, C   A, B   BB, C    C     ALL       B
MANITOUWADGE         Jan 15-17   Emanuela Doucet 807-826-4828
SCARBOROUGH          Jan 15-17   Terry Sawdon    905-668-4809 A, OpenAA,A,B, AA,A,C,AA, A, AA, OpeAA, OpeAA, A, Open
ORANGEVILLE          Jan 22-24   Dave Steadman   905-840-5383  X      X       X      X      X      X        X
CAMBRIDGE            Jan 22-24   Brian Legassicke519-740-1759 C,B,BB,C,B,BB,AC,B,BB,C,B,BB,C,B,BB,C,B,BB,A
WARKWORTH            Jan 30 / 99 Greg Torrance   705-924-3108                                   C, Open

February 1999
NEWTONBROOK          Feb 4-7     Linda Starr     905-567-1405                                           BB,B,CC,C
ALGOMA (Sault Ste MarFeb 5-7     Kim Guitard     705-942-7171                AA            AA              BB
NEPEAN               Feb 5-7     Mary Nichols    613-823-0481       A, BB   A, BB  A, BB  A, BB
WALLACEBURG          Feb 5-7     Tracy Babo      519-627-0409        Open   Open                        B, C, CC
COBOURG              Feb 6-7     Faye Gaudet     905-372-6949  C              B             A
SUDBURY              Feb 6-8     Rick Villeneuve 705-524-0734 Open    Open   Open   Open   Open   Open     Open
BELLEVILLE           Feb 12-14   John Cadeau     613-962-3153       BB, C   A, BB  BB, B  BB, B           AA, A
LONDON               Feb 12-14   Rob Lane        519-473-3265 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL      ALL
NIPIGON              Feb 12-14   Bryon Blanchette807-887-3585         X       X             X
ORILLIA              Feb 12-14   Don Clune       705-327-2100
STONEY CREEK         Feb 12-14   Diane McKune    905-957-4606  X      X       X      X      X      X        X
SILVER STICK - SARNIAFeb 19-21   Bryan Chappell  519-337-3563                ALL           ALL
                                 Wayne Scarrow   519-542-4860
PICTON               Feb 19-21   Don Istead      613-476-6786                             Open   Open
COBOURG              Feb 20-21   Faye Gaudet     905-372-6949                     BB, B, C
DURHAM WEST          Feb 25-28   Brian Hart      905-427-9312 A, BB, AA, A, B  ALL    ALL   A, B     A   AA, A, BB, B
BROCKVILLE           Feb 26-28   Dianne Johnson` 613-342-4016         C       C

March 1999
BRANTFORD            Mar 5-7     Grace Hamilton  519-752-3145 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL      ALL
BURLINGTON           Mar 12-14   Wayne Walton    905-319-1728  B      B            A,B,C    B             AA,C
LEASIDE              Mar 12-14   Ian Shaw        416-759-8184 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL
PORT HOPE            Mar 12-14   Mary Jean Van Do905-885-0207         C              C
OAKVILLE             Mar 12-14   Al Zaccaria     905-842-6783  X      X       X      X
PARKHILL             Mar 14-19   Les Drury       519-293-3145                 C                    C
CLARINGTON           Mar 18-19   Cindy Searle    905-786-2479 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL      ALL
HUNTSVILLE           Mar 19-21   Dylan Nash      705-635-2130                                          A,BB,B,CC,C
NIAGARA FALLS        Mar 19-21   Susan Brown     905-937-5658                                             AA, A
KANATA               Mar 26-28   Emily Gulbrandso613-836-5664         B       B      A      B      B

April 1999
BRAMPTON CANADETTES  Apr 1-4     Paul Driver     905-454-0582 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL      ALL
HAMILTON GHA         Apr 22-25   Sue Gibson      905-575-0544 ALL    ALL     ALL    ALL    ALL    ALL

May 1999
BRAMPTON COUGARS     May         Ed Zador        905-845-4398                                              C,B

"X" - Division (i.e.Atom) to be included in the tournament and the exact categories (AA, A, BB etc.) are TBA ALL" - All competitive categories "C" to "AA" ("AAA" in Sr.)

For more OWHA sanctioned tournament information, please call Bryan Chappell, OWHA Tournament Chairperson at 519-337-3563 or FAX him at 519-337-3621, or contact the OWHA office at 905-275-8866.

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Additional Information

Submitted by:    OWHA
For season:      1998 - 1999
City:            All Ontario Tournaments
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Jul 06, 1998 at 12:49

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