Women's hockey tournament in
Vancouver, BC

Tournament Information

Vancouver Superseries Tournament - July '99

The Vancouver Superseries tournament will be held July 4-11 this
summer.  There are two female age brackets which are:

Junior Women's: -- born 1982 & under (17 & under)
Senior Women's: -- born 1978 & under (21 & under)

I can highly recommend this tournament.  We enjoyed playing and also
being scouted by some of the top collegiate coaches in the United
States.  One of our players was even picked up to play for a Division I
team back east.  A few others are going D1 and DIII at the end of this
year. It is a great place to be seen during the summer.

Our team had a great time playing against some very high caliber teams
such as Vancouver Selects and Calgary Dynastars.  For more info you can
visit their web site at:

I have no connection to the tournament other than as a
participant/coach, but if you have any questions I will try to answer
them.  Hope to see you there!

- - 49th Parallel Snipers
Cindy Dayley & Zoe Harris

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Cindy Dayley
E-mail address:  dayleyh@wolfenet.com
For season:      1998 - 1999
City:            Vancouver, BC
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Jan 24, 1999 at 17:46

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