Newtonbrook Panthers Senior AAA

This page contains information concerning the Newtonbrook Panthers of the Central Ontario Women's Hockey League (COWHL) - better known locally as the women's Senior AAA hockey league. It's the highest level of hockey for women in Ontario, and perhaps the world, as many current and former National Team players from Canada, the USA, Finland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, play in this league.

1996-97 Roster




Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Phil Delaire

Assistant Coaches: Karen Hughes (Assistant Coach, Team Canada 1996)
Dan Church
Marc Ouellette

1996-97 Schedule

Complete Panthers Schedule and Game Results.

Team Stats

1996-97 Individual Highlights.

1995/96 (Team was called the Toronto Red Wings in 1995/96)
1993/94 (Team was called the Scarborough Firefighters in 1993/94)
1992/93 (Team was called the Scarborough Firefighters in 1992/93)

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