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Guelph, ON

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Ages 10-17 July 12-18, 2009

Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal coach to help you with your game? Well this is your opportunity.
CAN/AM is offering this unique program to only 20 skaters at each age group. Join ten coaches in a week designed specifically for you. Each ice time will be designed with you specifically in mind. Having trouble with backward crossovers to your left? Your coach can work with you. Weak slapshot? No problem as your coach takes you aside for your personalized instruction. Never really understood the “trap” but were afraid to ask? Here is a chance to pick your coach’s brain. Off-Ice, the coach can teach you the exercises you need to improve.
This Camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to work one-on-one with the best teachers in the game of hockey!


Program Highlights 
-Daily 3 Hours of on-ice and 3 hours of off-ice hockey training. 
-Daily specialized instruction on shooting and skating. 
-Power skating sessions to improve your skating, balance, speed and agility. 
-Checking sessions: When and when not to use the body, “shadowing”, controlling the slot area and use of angles. 
-Personalized and individualized 1-2 instructor to player teaching ratio. 
-Improve your shooting accuracy with on and off-ice training. 
-Increase shooting power significantly. 
-Learning and re-learning when, where and how to execute the correct shot from the best location to score.
-Testing for: Velocity, speed of execution, hand-eye coordination and accuracy. 
-Personal analysis of your individual skills  – a CAN/AM coach gives you specific input and skill development tips using instant video feedback. 
-Training text and workbook to supplement your on-ice training and to help you continue to improve throughout the season.  

Additional Information

Submitted by:    CAN/AM Hockey-Girls Individualized Training
E-mail address:  score@canamhockey.com
For season:      2008 - 2009
City:            Guelph, ON
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Feb 19, 2009 at 10:58

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