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I  have two daughters in hockey in 100 Mile House I keep hearing they both have potential in there given positions.  My eldest daughter Stephanie is 13 and is a goalie, my youngest daughter is Brittanie and she is 11, she plays defence or forward .  I would love to see you bring your hockey school here for the weekend, I would love to help out with anything, I'm sure I could find girls from all over to come and expereince, something that could be worth while for their hockey career, if that is the path they choose.  My phone & fax # 1-250-791-9205 at the moment my e-mail is not working, sorry!  If this is not a possibility for this to come to 100 Mile House we would still be interested is traveling somewhere else in BC. Thank you for your time. Tanya Ney(mother)

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Brittanie Ney
E-mail address:  neyconst@shaw.ca
For season:      2004 - 2005
City:            100 Mile House, BC
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Jul 20, 2004 at 17:46

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