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It is our pleasure to extend an invitation to MA Select 14 Team Players to apply to the World Hockey Centre - 2004-2005 developmental boarding program.
The WHC emphasis is to prepare elite national caliber student-athletes for future hockey careers and participation on NCAA and National Teams and houses players in a "hot house" format similar to that of the U.S. Junior Development program in Michigan. 
The WJHL – World Hockey Centre currently owns & operates (2) Teams, the 1st team is the Markham Islanders Team which is a Junior A Team that competes in the Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League, this league is the most scouted league in the World by NCAA Colleges. The 2nd team is called the Thornhill Rattlers College Touring Team (they're scrimmaging Harvard at Home in December). The WJHL World Hockey Centre is putting together a 1st year 16U developmental team that will be starting in September of 2004 & running to April 2005. The World Hockey Centre is assembling the most competitive 22 player roster in North America to participate in this program. 

The World Hockey Centre, WHC developmental program is for highly motivated national caliber players who are the very best players in thier region at their respective ages and looking for challenges beyond the confines of thier current AAA league structure. The World Hockey Centre Developmental Team coaching staff consists of (1) head coach, (1) assistant coach, (1) full-time strength and conditioning coach, (1) power-skating coach and (2) athletic trainers. A full time hockey company, the WHC includes 15 full time and 30 part-time staff.

This high-level environment emphasizes intensive development & includes on-ice practice of 2 hours daily, + 2 hours off ice conditioning consisting of weight training, plyometrics, shooting lanes, Full-length soccer field, basketball court, short-sprint sand-track and skating treadmill. 

This "Jr. Toronto Rattlers" Touring Team will play games against older competitors all while gaining skill and exposure 
to recruiters from some of the top Major Junior scouts in Canada, and getting a taste of what life may have in store for 
them. The success of this program will not be not gauged on league or Prospect Tourney wins and loss results. Instead, 
the focus is on the development of skills and acquiring experience against older competitors, the Jr. Toronto Rattlers 
Team will be playing primarily a private school schedule in the Greater Toronto Area. The WHC emphasis is to prepare elite national caliber student-athletes for future hockey careers and participation on NCAA and National Teams. 

The World Hockey Centre academic program (4-5 hrs. per day) is in house & competitive as a team & exceeds average  
student: teacher ratio equivalents of a US private school education. There are 3 teachers assigned to the team. Students that fall behind will attend compulsory additional classes on weekends. Those students requiring extra assistance in preparing for their SAT's may register for one-on-one tutoring with qualified teachers who will administer a needs analysis, and work with the student to fill in the blanks in thier learning. The academics program is a US Based Home school Curriculum (Summit Christian Academy) in a formal daily classroom format. I can tell you that the OHA is the most scouted league in the world by NCAA college coaches (there are usually 2-3 NCAA Scouts or coaches at every game, not to mention Major Junior & Professional Scouts). I have attached a list of the 195 Canada Jr. A Players committed “last year alone” to NCAA Teams.  Because students are able to work at their own pace, those students requiring more time are able to do so, while those students who grasp concepts quickly are able to work ahead. Consequently, some students will be able to complete their courses by April, while others may not. Because the curriculum is a home schooling program, students will have the opportunity to complete their courses at the WHC, & earn extra credits by working on AP & elective courses back home in the states. If you have additional questions concerning the Developmental Team educational program feels free to call Sue Francis, WHC Director of Academic services at 1-905-895-3827.


Set on a 10-acre property situated between the towns of Shelburne and Alliston, this state of the art facility includes:

>>NHL-style dressing room, approximately 3,000 sq.ft in size, complete with full range of weight training equipment, 
and containing our skating treadmill, large screen Satellite TV system, complete Audio/Video system, and 170 individual 
player stalls. 

>>Full-length soccer field, 2 shooting lanes, basketball court, and short-sprint sand-track can be found outside. Future plans include an indoor pool complete with spas, and indoor shooting lanes. 

>>Commercial kitchen/cafeteria facilities with full-time chef. Our kitchen produces a wide range of dishes to satisfy all appetites, with our players' nutritional needs in mind. 

>>2 Recreational lounges also consisting of a large screen satellite TV system, Video and DVD systems, and comfortable couches and recliners. 

>>Computer/Study Hall classroom wired to the Internet. The use of this room is restricted during scheduled classes 
(It is recommended students taking courses provide their own laptop computer systems). 

>>Players dorms are located to one end of the Centre, providing peace and quiet, and are designed to afford each player maximum privacy. 

>>Pro shop facilities for incidental, everyday items such as tape and laces, and also skate sharpening facilities. 

>>Full-time maintenance and security staff. 

The WHC program is more of a developmental program than a team. There will be no 88’s on the 1st year developmental team, there is only (1) Developmental Team. We want these kids to go up through the program to the College Varsity Touring team or to the Jr.A team then preferably onto NCAA vs. Major Junior. We are committed to developing our student-athletes, & do not have the desire to replace our developmental program players under normal circumstances. The only developmental team invitations that will go out next year & subsequent years will be to replace those that move up from this “developmental team” to our Jr. A Team or our College Touring Team. It is possible based on the accelerated development format & high calibre of talent that some of our 1st year developmental team players could be moved up to Junior A or College Development Team mid-season thier 1st year as AP's or full time positions. Needless to say, an accomplishment of this magnitude would receive substantial consideration from the NCAA, Major Junior & professional community. 
The final tuition amount & payment options should be finalized by the end of the year; we’re trying to keep it under 21k. 
It will most likely be between 19,500 and 21,000. Additional incidental costs would be for spending money for toiletries, movie theater on weekends & things of that nature. There are limited scholarships available. Please do not hesitate to call me to address any concerns that you may have so that we can work through it. Players applying to the WHC are not guaranteed a spot in this program. WHC is targeting many top prospects throughout North America & Europe and urges you to respond quickly. If you feel that this program would be a good fit please contact me ASAP to discuss the program admissions process in further detail. 

Tom Sullivan 
9 Meshaka Street Boston, MA 02132 USA 
(617) 469-3310 

Additional Information

Submitted by:    World Hockey Centre
E-mail address:  worldjuniorhockeyleague@hotmail.com
For season:      2003 - 2004
City:            Toronto 
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Dec 12, 2003 at 05:43

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