Women's hockey school in
Dufferin Grove Rink Toronto, ON

Hockey School Information

Every Sunday at 7:00 pm (ice time from 7:30-8:30) at Dufferin Grove Rink.

Dufferin Grove rink is across from the Dufferin Mall, ie just south of Bloor
on the East side. By TTC, you can just get off at Dufferin Station on the
Bloor line and it's a short walk.

If you are driving (perish the thought), you can park in the mall and walk
across the street.

Here are some more details:

There will be 14 sessions, beginning on the 1st of December and ending on
the 2nd of March.

The cost this year will be $70 per player, going to the City of Toronto for
the permit for the ice time. This money will be collected this coming Sunday
and on Dec 8th as well, so if you can't get it together for the first, you
can still sign up on the 8th. You can pay it in two installments if you
like. Receipts will be issued.

If we do not get a minimum of 14 players, at each and every session, we
cannot keep the permit, and it will be given to another group. For this
reason, I will be signing up up to 20 players, in case some players can't
make it one week or another. If we lose our permit due to too few players,
left over money will be refunded. If we get just 14 players signed up, there
will be a $28 surplus (otherwise, we have to collect an odd number of
dollars, which is a pain).  If we get 20 players out (which is, I think, the
maximum number we can reasonably manage on the ice), there will be some $450
surplus. We can discuss what to do with this money when we find out how much
the surplus will actually be. There are a few extra costs which I have
accrued which I have not bothered to mention--purchase of pylons and
photocopying, etc. No big deal.

Rest assured that proper accounting of all money will be made and none of it
will go into anyone's pocket. 

Which reminds me-- I need a few volunteers to help out with some
things--people from this list, of course. I need one or a few person(s) to
collect money and write receipts, help out with getting pylons, sticks,
pucks, jerseys, etc on and off the ice promptly so that we don't step on the
next permit, and maybe a few other tasks that will come up from time to
time. Overall, not very time consuming at all.

Think about it and let me know this Sunday if you would like to help out.

Thank you to David Hermolin for volunteering to be assistant coach on the
ice. If you haven't already met him, you'll meet him on the 8th.

See you there.


Website: www.pathcom.com/~lawrence
email lawrence@pathcom.com

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Beginner's Sunday Shinny League
E-mail address:  lawrence@pathcom.com
For season:      2002 - 2003
City:            Dufferin Grove Rink Toronto, ON
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Nov 30, 2002 at 12:28

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