Women's hockey school in
Vicky Sunohara Summer Camp Held in Whitby, Ontario. Canada

Hockey School Information


  Lori Dupuis
  Team Canada
  Brampton Thunder of the NWHL

  Jayna Hefford
  Team Canada
  Brampton Thunder of the NWHL

  Amanda Benoit-Wark
  Team Canada
  Beatrice Aero's of the NWHL

  Cherie Piper
  Team Canada
  Beatrice Aero's of the NWHL

  Gillian Apps
  Team Canada
  Beatrice Aero's of the NWHL

  Judy Diduck
  Team Canada Alumni
  University of Alberta

  Cassie Campbell
  Team Canada
  Calgary Oval Extreme

  Ally Fox
  Brampton Thunder of the NWHL
  Stephanie Kay

  Brampton Thunder of the NWHL
  Krista McArthur
  Team Canada Under 22
  Brampton Thunder  of the NWHL

Instructors may vary from week to week & additional Instructors to be
named by Next Newsletter

2002 Fees & Sample Schedule

Group A Ages 9 -12 Cost $350 Per player
On - Ice	8:00am	9:30am
Off -Ice	9:45am	11:15am
Lunch/Rest	11:15am	12:15pm
On - Ice	12:30pm	1:50pm
Off - Ice	2:00pm	3:15pm

Group B Ages 13 -17 Cost$350 Per player
On - Ice	9:30am	11:00am
Off - Ice	11:15am	12:30pm
Lunch/Rest	12:30pm	1:30pm
On - Ice	1:50pm	3:15pm
Off - Ice	3:30pm	4:45pm

**NEW** Advanced Program**
"A & AA" Players Only
Ages 14 - 18 Cost $375 Per player
Off - Ice	9:30am	10:45am
On - Ice	11:00am	12:30pm
Lunch/Rest	12:30pm	1:30pm
Off - Ice	1:30pm	2:45pm
On - Ice	3:15pm	4:45pm

Goaltending Instrcution

  Stacy Kellough
  Brampton Thunder of the NWHL

  Sami-Jo Small
  Team Canada
  Brampton Thunder of the NWHL

"Although there is no extra goalies sessions,
Sami-Jo and Stacey will individually work with the
goalies during their on ice sessions"

Vicky Sunohara; Head Instructor

Wow, what another exciting year in my life!
Preparing for the Olympics and getting ready for my hockey
camps are very much the same.
Huge dedication but a "Ton-O-Fun".
Those of you who are coming for the 1st time will walk away
with a life long experience.

My Camp Objectives

"My camp offers a wide variety of fun and
competitive skill based activities.
My focus is on creating a safe but challenging
learning environment for all participants.
This camp will prepare you for the upcoming season,
by experiencing first hand, the HIGHEST Level of
female instruction offered.
You will leave with the tools and confidence that
(if practiced) will enhance your skill level for
years to come".
#61  Vicky Sunohara

Camp Activities

ON Ice  Individual Skills:
Skating with puck, stickhandling shooting
 "All Types of Shots",
Passing, receiving and deking
Team Tactics:
Defense & Offense Specialty Sessions,
Angling and Pinning, Various Breakouts,
Offensive Attack Triangle
OFF Ice Skills
Dryland Training Circuits, Plyometrics
Sports such as Ball Hockey, Soccer
Team Building Activities & Games
FRIDAY is "Scavenger Hunt" Day
*Post Olympic Motivational Discussion

Registration Information:
Players Name:
Parents Name:
City :
Postal Code:
Home Phone:
Health Card #
( Circle ) Which Camp You Desire ?
9-12      13-17           14-18 ADVANCED
Which Week ?
Week 1      or     Week 2      or    BOTH
(Circle) Current Level Played
H/L       Rep:  C    B   BB  A   AA
Sweater Size:
Any Allergies? If Yes; Type?

Other Medical Concerns:

Vicky Sunohara
Cheque #1. $150 Deposit
Cheque #2 Total Balance Owing Post Dated for
July 1, 2002
My Mailing Address
Vicky Sunohara's Summer Hockey Camp
6 Araman Drive, Scarborough, Ont.
M1T 2P6
Email me @ vicz61@hotmail.com

Camp Fees Includes;
Team Jersey & Picture
Daily Morning Snacks
Camp Momento
Pizza Party
2 Scrimmages; Wed & Friday PM
FRIDAY is Autograph/ Picture Session
Camp Awards Presentation
How To Register?
Please follow Instructions on registration page
$150 Deposit Non Refundable unless Medical Note
Family Discount of $20 off for your additional
sister(s) registration

JUNE 1, 2002
Check out my new website @

Anymore Fun than this,
 you'll hurt yourself
Camp Is Held At the
Iroquois Sports Complex
Whitby, Ontario.

July 29 - Aug 2, 2002

Aug 26 - Aug 30, 2002

Group A   9 - 12 Year Olds
Group B   13 - 17 Year Olds
Max 30 Skaters & 4 Goalies Per Group
ALL Participants MUST have forward and
backwards mobility
All players are categorized not just by
their age but by skill level as well!

Group C  ADVANCED 14 - 18 Yr Olds
ONLY 26 Skaters & 4 Goalies
A & AA Level Players
Register TODAY Avoid Disappointment

Hope to see you at this summers ULTIMATE Female Camp

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Vicky Sunohara Female Summer Hockey Camps
E-mail address:  vicz61@hotmail.com
For season:      2001 - 2002
City:            Vicky Sunohara Summer Camp Held in Whitby, Ontario. Canada
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  May 02, 2002 at 07:20

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