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Big Shots runs year round and concentrates on the technical aspects of all
four shots of the game.  We have worked with players of all ages from the
minor hockey level to the NHL and have many specic drills for each level.
We have coached many female players and we guarantee that both accuracy
and speed are improved as a result of our four one-hour sessions. The
cost of the four lesson set is $110 and the maximum player to student
ratio is 8:1.  Each player works on an individual net and has 150 pucks.
We gauge improvement by testing each player with the radar gun at the
first and last session. Head instructor is Tim Bell who has spent many
years disecting the techniques of shooting.Tim played atJuniour Hockey
before receivng a University scholarship.

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Big Shots Shooting School
E-mail address:  bigshots_hockey@hotmail.com
For season:      2000 - 2001
City:            Vancouver,B.C.
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Mar 06, 20100 at 21:11

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