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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hockey School Information

	June, 2000

The ‘International Hockey Academy' at this time is currently working with players in Toronto,Boston, 
London (UK), Prague, Kosice, Oslo, the Ukraine, as well as Halifax. The person who developed 
and runs the program is Tim Cranston, originally from Nova Scotia, but for the past 15 years he 
has been playing pro hockey in Europe. Tim moved back to Nova Scotia this year and decided to 
run his Academy out of Nova Scotia. He has been and will continue to work with players no 
matter where they come from. When Tim began his program in Europe he got a big response 
from male hockey players. After a while he started getting some interest from female hockey
players. When this started, Tim decided he would like to start a female program that is equal to 
his male program. 
The ice sessions outlined below are offered in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

JUNE 17TH, 2000 - SEPT 2ND, 2000 

(A)	If you would like to attend sessions throughout the summer and/or next season the cost 
        would be $25 per session.
(B)	If you would like to book 6 sessions ahead of time the cost would be $138 per six 
(C)	If you would like to book 12 sessions ahead of time the cost would be $240 per twelve 
        sessions. If you book 12 sessions on the day of your free trial session you will get another 
        session free and the cost would be $220. If you have more than one person in your 
        immediate family that would like to attend 12 sessions, then the cost for the first person 
        would be regular price and the cost for the second person would be half price.
(D)	If you would like to join the ‘One to One Program', which basically is a year round career 
        development and support service, it includes 12 free on ice sessions. Once the 12 free on 
        ice sessions are used up then you can purchase more sessions as outlined above in parts, 
        A, B and C.
	For more information on what the ‘International Hockey Academy' has to offer check out 
        our web site. This site will provide you with more information on the services we provide 
        for our male players involved in the program, and what we will be providing our female 
        players if they are to get involved with the program. 
	Check out our web site  - www.tim-cranston.com
If you have any questions or if you would like to attend a free trial session, please call 
Nadine Hopkins at (902) 430-6978 or (902) 443-5153 anytime or e-mail me at:

Additional Information

Submitted by:    International Hockey Academy 
E-mail address:  the.hopkins@ns.sympatico.ca
For season:      1999 - 2000
City:            Halifax, Nova Scotia
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  Jun 19, 2000 at 16:42

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