Women's hockey school in
Airdrie, AB

Hockey School Information

This performance skating and hockey school is for RECREATIONAL, B and C level ladies (over 18).
It will be held August 14,16,17,21,23,24 and a game on the afternoon of
the 26.  These are evening sessions, 1.25 hour icetime per day.
There will also be a classroom session, unscheduled at this time, for video analysis of students
skating with the instructor.

The instructor is Dr. Mike Bracko, Sports Physiologist/Director, Institute for Hockey Research.
Dr. Bracko specilizes in High Performance Hockey/Skating.
Check out Dr. Bracko's website at www.cadvision.com/bracko

We hope to run a beginner and an advanced, but we require a min. of 20 per class.
It may be cut to one session min. 20 max of 30. 

Please contact me(Deanna) at the email address given for more information.
Information and a registration form will be posted on the Airdrie Nutty Housewife League
website in the near future.

Cost will be approx. $100 (shouldn't be higher) for the session.

Additional Information

Submitted by:    Airdrie Nutty Housewife League, Performance Skating & Hockey School
E-mail address:  airdrienhl@home.com
For season:      1999 - 2000
City:            Airdrie, AB
Country:         Canada

Date submitted:  May 12, 2000 at 11:14

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