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Featured Review: Andria Hunter's Home Page
Most computer scientists have a lame slapshot, if any at all, but Hunter is the exception. The master's degree candidate at the University of Toronto computer science department also played in the 1994 Women's World Hockey Championships. She studies distributed computation and networks and leaves lots of photos and lots & lots of hockey links.

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Reviews Matching Women's Hockey

86% Information About Women's Hockey
Topic: /Sports/Hockey/Women/
Review: Local and international women's hockey news and info. Be sure to get on the women-in-hockey mailing list, and check out the Hockey Hall of Fame Home Page, complete with great photos of exhibits on display. Newsgroups, too.
83% Women's University Hockey
Topic: /Sports/College/College_Hockey/
Review: Women's hockey may not be getting the respect it deserves yet, but here's a good place to start: a comprehensive list of most (if not all) high school and college hockey sites with the main emphasis being Canada. Browse a little, then get the puck out of there.
80% WWW Women's Sports Page by Amy Lewis
Topic: /Sports/Sports_Indexes/Links_and_More_Links/
Review: Gender equality is not a problem at this sports site ruled by ladies. Links to women's biking, swimming, events and news of the 1996 Olympics, with a major category called Women on Skates. Then there are the more aggressive I'm-just-as-good-as-you links like rugby, boxing and the ever-popular cricket. This is a good site, but it tries a bit too hard to be one of the guys.
79% Women's International Hockey
Topic: /Sports/Hockey/Women/
Review: Women get on the ice here and smack each other around the head before whooping fans. Find out about all the competitions coming up, like the Olympics, World Championships, and so on. Learn about the teams and the players too.
71% University of Toronto Varsity Blues Women's Hockey
Topic: /Sports/Hockey/College/
Review: Have the Varsity Blues women's hockey team really been around for 100 years? That's what the University of Toronto Varsity Blues Home Page says. Stats, games, championship history, photo.

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