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Québec Amateur Hockey Association (QAHA)

If you need any information about girls'/women's hockey in Québec, please contact:

Québec Ice Hockey Federation
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Montréal, QC H1V 3R2
Phone (514) 252-3079
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Senior AA Info

Thanks to Julie Healy (jhealy@alcor.concordia.ca), assistant coach of Concordia University, for providing all Senior AA information!

There are two Senior AA leagues in Québec. Both the Repentigny League and the Québec University league are classified as Senior AA leagues.

In Québec, players cannot play on two teams. Each league has separate playoffs, but Provincials combine both leagues.

The Repentigny Senior AA League has these teams:

The Québec University league has these teams:

1996 Repentigny Senior AA League

Regular Season Results

  1. Jofa Titan
  2. Ferland 4 Glaces
  3. Jets
  4. L.E.C.I.

Playoff Results

  1. Jofa Titan
  2. Jets
  3. Ferland 4 Glaces
  4. L.E.C.I.

1996 Québec University League

This file contains the 1996 Québec University league results.

1996 Senior AA Provincials

Usually the top 2 teams from the Québec University league, and the top 2 teams from the Repentigny league are invited to the provincials. However, for the 1996 provincials, seven teams (4 Repentigny teams and 3 University teams) were invited. The Jets of the Repentigny league decided not to attend, leaving the following 6 teams that competed at the 1996 Senior AA Québec provincial championship:

Game Results

  Friday, April 12, 1996
    Concordia University    2
    College St. Laurent     0

    U.Q.T.R.                2
    L.E.C.I                 1 (OT)

  Saturday, April 13, 1996
    Jofa Titan              2
    Ferland 4 Glaces        0

    Concordia University    3
    L.E.C.I                 1

    U.Q.T.R                 3
    College St. Laurent     0

  Sunday, April 14, 1996
      Concordia University    3
      Ferland 4 Glaces        1

      Jofa Titan              3
      UQTR                    2

      Bronze Medal Game
        Ferland 4 Glaces     4
        UQTR                 2

      Gold Medal Game
        Jofa Titan           2
        Concordia University 0

Final Placings

  1. Jofa Titan
  2. Concordia
  3. Ferland 4 Glaces
  4. UQTR

1996 Esso Women's Nationals

This information is from the CHA.


Team Québec, represented by a provincial squad, have been gold medalists at the Esso National Championship for the past two years. They defeated New Brunswick's Maritime Sports Blades 5-2 in the 1995 final.

The team selection process started in August with a camp of 60 players, 30 of these were named to a pool of players before the final selection at the end of February. Under veteran head coach, Daniele Sauvageau and assistants Dominique Boivin and Annie Bergeron, the team has played exhibition games or practiced twice a month since August. Most recently, they beat Russia and tied the United States 1-1 at the Montréal Cup.

This year's squad features 15 veterans from the 1995 gold medal team, and four 1996 national women's team members. Of 21 players, only three players have no national team or national championship experience.

1996 Esso Women's Nationals Summary

Team:   Team Québec
Round-Robin Record: 3-0-1 (1st in Pool A)
   Québec 19 Nova Scotia 1
   Manitoba 1 Québec 7
   Québec 9 B.C. 1
   Alberta 3 Québec 3
Semi-Finals:    Team Québec 4 New Brunswick 1
Gold Medal:     Québec 3 Ontario 2 (OT)
Final Standing: 1st

1995 Esso Women's Nationals Summary

Team:   Team Québec
Round-Robin Record: 3-0-0 (1st in Pool B)
Semi-Finals:        Québec 3 Ontario 2 (OT)
Gold Medal:         Québec 5 New Brunswick 2
Final Standing:     1st

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